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  1. bugaboo

    Male Ambilobe Panther

    Sorry, forgot pics
  2. bugaboo

    Male Ambilobe Panther

    1 year old male Blue Bar Ambilobe, friendly, healthy and active. Comes with 48' reptarium, Repti-sun light strip and heat lamp, Mist King system, fig tree and all acessories. I live in Tri-city area of BC, Canada. I prefer not to ship and want to sell all together. Asking $500 Please...
  3. bugaboo

    Jackson breeding pair available in Canada

    This is Canada, everything is higher, comes with cage, lighting etc. I know the equipment alone is over $250.
  4. bugaboo

    Jackson breeding pair available in Canada

    someone else's listing, I want to have them but timeing is not right for me, so maybe someone else can give them a great home!
  5. bugaboo

    Do you like cats?

    I used to love them, my favorite and best every cat died about 7 years ago and there is no replacement for him as they all suck! He was more like a dog, I miss him!:(
  6. bugaboo

    Jackson breeding pair available in Canada

    I thought I would post this link to find this Jackson pair a new home. I would love to have them but it is a little premature timing for me. I do remember reading a thread about someone...
  7. bugaboo

    Can chams hear??

    Mine likes House music, he crusies all over his cage and hangs from the ceiling like a partyanimal!
  8. bugaboo

    New family member

    Awwww, that's awful! no more cats for me! Had enough of their clawing everything and litter cat paw prints on my bed!!
  9. bugaboo

    zoomed powersun 100watt ?

    That is a UVB bulb, mercury vapor bulb which I read somewhere on this forum that it shouldn't be used for Chams. Maybe someone more knowledgeable will answer.
  10. bugaboo


    Don't agree, there are millions of unwanted dogs and puppies, do you have any idea of how many are euthanized every year? Answer is 3-4 million cats and dogs every year and that is just the US alone.
  11. bugaboo

    New family member

    How about shorty, stubby, vertically challenged, stubs, minnie, midget, LOL!
  12. bugaboo

    Quads are here.

    That is what I want for my next one but I am in Canada.
  13. bugaboo

    What do I feed them!!

    They don't have a mouth, therefore they can't eat.
  14. bugaboo

    My new Frilled Lizard!

    He is very nice! There was an adult one at the petstore near me, they wanted something like $400 for him. He was a fast mover! Didn't know they were climbers, I always thought they were more like a beardie. Enjoy!
  15. bugaboo

    heater for mistking

    I used a aquarium heater for a little while until the bucket drained low enough that when I re-filled the heater cracked. Didn't get the water very hot at all.
  16. bugaboo

    heater for mistking

    Does anyone think it would be possible to use this heater to heat the water from the Mistking? Its an external heater that would heat the water as it passes through it just before it is sprayed...
  17. bugaboo

    I'm so excited today guys!

    Cool, can't wait to see those pics!
  18. bugaboo

    Whoa, two Falys hatched today. :)

    Wow! Gorgeous!
  19. bugaboo

    DR GONZO looked lonely

    Wow, he is special! Looks like he was coloured with Crayolas!
  20. bugaboo

    Order Mix Up!

    Awww, they look so sad, no one wants them, poor little orphans.:(
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