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  1. JimO

    Help!! I'm in WAAY over my head.

    OMG, that's not a cure, it's another severe affliction that I have had for many years. :wideyed:
  2. JimO

    Help!! I'm in WAAY over my head.

    I can't add anything to what has been said as far as care goes, but I wanted to tell you what a great job you're doing. You must be a great Mom as well. I do want to give you a word of caution, because this could get ugly. You can catch a very persistent and costly affliction from...
  3. JimO

    Brainstorming and suggestions for new / uncommon feeder insect production on a large scale

    Have you looked into breeding grasshoppers, like the small to medium species native here in Florida (of course not the Lubbers, they're toxic)?
  4. JimO

    Jacksons showing sudden bumbs on side of tail

    He must have been eating his Wheaties. :D
  5. JimO

    What type of worm is this?!?!

    Where are you located? That can help narrow it down.
  6. JimO

    Jacksons showing sudden bumbs on side of tail

    He's a great looking Jackson's. He looks really buff. Is he on steroids? :D
  7. JimO

    Jacksons showing sudden bumbs on side of tail

    Those could be some kind of abscess. I'd take him to the vet soon.
  8. JimO

    Opinion on Dragon Strand Enclosures.

    I'm interested in these responses because I'm considering replacing a couple of older DIY screen enclosures with something that will contain mist. I've decided to get a Mistking system instead of hand misting. The Dragon Strand enclosures look good and I like the accessory trays. I'm also...
  9. JimO

    Hurricane Florence

    I live in St. Augustine, FL and have been here for over 50 years. For anyone who hasn't been through a major storm, my best advice would be to evacuate if you have someplace reasonable to stay if there is significant flooding or wind damage risk and leave early.
  10. JimO

    Hurricane Florence

    Will pray for you and everyone who might be affected. We were hit pretty bad by Irma and Matthew. Wouldn't wish that on anyone. God bless.
  11. JimO

    Chameleons Say the Darnedest Things

    Chameleons, especially babies, are great subjects for thought bubbles.
  12. JimO

    Is there such a thing as too much foliage?

    If the foliage doesn't allow them to see their prey, then it's probably too much. I would say that half the enclosure should be pretty dense so they can feel secure, but maybe the other half less so, for basking and stalking prey.
  13. JimO

    Need an experienced opinion.

    I wonder if you could carry him on the plane as a comfort pet. :)
  14. JimO

    Need an experienced opinion.

    If you decide to ship your chameleon, I agree that using Shipyourreptiles would be the best option. Not only do they have the experience and materials to ship properly, they are compliant with the US Department of Agriculture Lacey Act regulations regarding shipping live animals. A lot of...
  15. JimO

    Scaled Cham bubbler fountain

    Misting and dripping can be messy if it isn't set up right. A lot of people are just plain lazy.
  16. JimO

    Weekend Photos of Some of The Chameleons 9/2/18

    Wow! Hammy is stunning. Thanks for sharing.
  17. JimO

    So what’s the deal with other sites on social media that are full of bad advice?

    Yeah, I swear I saw a Madagascar BBC special showing herds of chameleons around the watering hole in the dry season, or were they ring-tailed lemurs? Anyway, David Attenborough was narrating so it must be true, right? ;)
  18. JimO

    Gravid Or Not

    Hopefully she does't think you're trying to make a move on her. :D
  19. JimO

    Gravid Or Not

    If you have a male nearby that she can see and she responds by being dark like in the photo, there is a good chance she is gravid. My female panther got like that once she mated with the male any time she even glimpsed him across the room. If you do have a male, put up a barrier so she can't...
  20. JimO

    Panther chameleons eye sight

    I had a Werner's chameleon male that couldn't extend his tongue very far when he got older. Fortunately, he seemed to like being held, especially when he was rewarded with food. So, I hand fed him in his last year of life. He would make a mad dash for the door as soon as he saw me, hoping it...
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