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  1. elizaann2

    Tail Tuesday

    He is my little sweetie ❤️
  2. elizaann2

    Tail Tuesday

    This was him this morning.
  3. elizaann2

    Hide and Seek

    Oh my gosh I never would have found her!!! Congrats your enclosure is so full she must really love it in there!
  4. elizaann2

    New family member!!!

    Congrats! I’d love a beardie one day!!!
  5. elizaann2

    Should I give my new Cham non gut loaded crickets or skip a feeding for today? Help

    My Jabba will drink in front of me but won’t eat in front of me.
  6. elizaann2

    Should I give my new Cham non gut loaded crickets or skip a feeding for today? Help

    I 1000% agree with everything said here. Feed your boy now it’s better than nothing. My staple feeders are all of the above plus blue bottle flies and house flies (both purchased at Josh’s frogs),wax worms (treats), and grasshoppers ( I suggest getting a subscription to...
  7. elizaann2

    Tail Tuesday

    So true!
  8. elizaann2

    Tail Tuesday

    I know it’s not Tuesday but I got this adorable pic this morning I wanted to share with you all. A calumma curl 😍
  9. elizaann2

    New family members!

    Oh my gosh how adorable!
  10. elizaann2

    Jack the nosy be

    Atta boy!!!!! This video makes me so happy!!
  11. elizaann2

    Veiled chameleon enclosure help

    Fantastic! Reach out with any questions! And no rush on the bio active. I’ve had chams for about 2 and a half years if I remember correctly and am just getting to the point where I feel comfortable with the idea of making their enclosures bioactive. Take your time :)
  12. elizaann2

    New Username

    Well welcome! And what a darling chameleon. Please continue to share photos with us :)
  13. elizaann2

    Husbandry Review

    Oh my gosh look at that face 😍😍😍
  14. elizaann2

    Started my Free Range setup for Aquaman

  15. elizaann2

    Chameleon shirt

    Oh I’m sure it will be adorable and then all of us will end up needing one too with our chameleons! Such a cute idea!
  16. elizaann2

    How to know when a chameleon has passed?

    I’m so sorry for your loss.
  17. elizaann2

    Photos of Some of my Babies

    Beautiful as always ❤️❤️❤️
  18. elizaann2

    Eustis The Jackson’s Xanthalophus

    That’s fantastic! Ya an AC unit will get you a good temp drop at night.
  19. elizaann2

    Jack the nosy be

    Me too thank you!
  20. elizaann2

    Introducing Jabba the Parsons!

    I’ll be sharing them for sure!
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