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  1. hallenhe

    Amos and Fiona's unofficial scale-baby thread

    Four year hatchday for Miss Cheery Littlebottom!
  2. hallenhe

    Amos and Fiona's unofficial scale-baby thread

    Cheery Littlebottom, two days shy of three years old:
  3. hallenhe

    Rehousing in Omaha Nebraska

    Karma Chameleon Rescue was in Omaha, though I have not seen any posts to her Facebook page since April and I don’t know if she’s still active. E-mail from that page is [email protected]. I am in Lincoln and can help if it looks like there’s no other viable option but I already have...
  4. hallenhe

    Amos and Fiona's unofficial scale-baby thread

    Cheery Littlebottom has decided that she will be a Pink Chameleon. She has been mostly pink for ~6 weeks now (perhaps because it has been a very Wintery Winter in Nebraska, and she’s wondering why she ever left the Florida Keys!). She’s alert and active and content - just pink.
  5. hallenhe

    Amos and Fiona's unofficial scale-baby thread

    Cheery Littlebottom, Fiona and Amos baby hatched December 20, 2017. From the day I received her in March through now.
  6. hallenhe

    2017 Chameleon Calendar Now Available

    Is there still room to order the 2017 second printing? When I click on the links, I only see the 2016...
  7. hallenhe

    Sadie Has Left Me Way To Soon

    I am very sorry to see this; it was way too soon. RIP Sadie!
  8. hallenhe

    Tribute to Luie

    Just saw this; I'm very sorry to hear it, Jann. You gave Luie a great life.
  9. hallenhe

    A Tribute to Padre

    I just saw this on Facebook, and I'm very, very sorry. Hopefully Hera will have fertile eggs and he'll be able to live on.
  10. hallenhe

    Padre (my Parsonii) Needs Your Thoughts and Prayers

    Good luck to the big guy!
  11. hallenhe

    Favorite Panther Locale?

    I voted Sambava, but with the caveat that my favorite locale/species/chameleon is generally the one I have at the moment! Also quite fond of Tamatave and Maroansetra.
  12. hallenhe

    salamander question

    How long have you had him and, if for long, has anything changed lately? Ours will sometimes spend a day in her water dish, and the past two years has been spending much of the summer burrowed in the soil, coming out mainly when there are thunderstorms. Does yours have a moist substrate he can...
  13. hallenhe

    Random word thread!!

  14. hallenhe

    Random word thread!!

  15. hallenhe

    I Feel All Alone

    I'm furtive but still around. You know, somehow it seemed I had a lot more time to spend on the Forums when I was a postdoc than now when I'm a professor... Hmmm...
  16. hallenhe

    Holy jumping Chameleons!!!

    My current panther is a jumper. With him (and the other jumper I've had, a Jackson's), it doesn't seem to be panic, but more a considered contemplation of the time and effort required to climb down from where they are vs. jumping.
  17. hallenhe

    Sleep tight my beautiful angel

    Poor girly; she went through so much. I'm very sorry about your loss.
  18. hallenhe

    Shortwave radio?

    I'm tempted to invest in a high-end shortwave receiver (have had a cheaper Radio Shack model for years), bu know very little about them. Any shortwave enthusiasts out there?
  19. hallenhe

    Congratulations to ferretinmyshoes

  20. hallenhe

    my sweet girl mia got her wings :(

    Very sorry to hear about Mia. No one will ever replace her, but another cham might fill the emptiness and bring its own personality into your life.
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