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    throw up?

    I have a 7-8 month veil and today he looks like he is trying to throw up and then he shook back and looks like he is trying to work something up.
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    new cham!

    hey guys! it's been awhile since i had a chameleon! about 4 years...My family surprised me withan early b-day gift and got my a veiled! He is about 7 months old...building the new cage as we speak! Soo happy to have a chameleon again! :D just im memory of my old is a...
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    which to get

    i had a veil before years ago...i am ready to get another chameleon...i am stuck on whether to get a veiled, panther or jackson...what do you guys think?
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    New cham

    my veil just died after she was 4 years old....:( i am looking to get a new cham and I bought her at a reptile show that no longer exists...I live in pittsburgh and I have no clue where to go to look for another...also where is a good place to maybe order one online? I am kinda skecthy bout...
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    He Is Here!

    what kind is it? im excited for pics! :D
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    June '07 Photo Contest

    thanks for the votes everybody!!! that is a once in a lifetime photo! I don't think i'll ever be able snap a photo of my cham in that particular position again! :D
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    Veiled Male vs. Female

    mine girl will eat as long as i put food in front of her too...i limit it to 5 a day max...
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    Check out my new enclosure!!

    sweet setup! i just got done building my own cage! no where as good lookin as that but it works!
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    i looked in the plant database and it was a lilac plant ok to put in my cage?
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    June '07 Photo Contest

    wow...tough competition this month!!!
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    May '07 Photo Contest

    how do i tell what place my photo finished?
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    pittsburgh temps dont go that low or high
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    i was thinking of building a cage just to leave outside...can my veil chameleon hand it out side all day and maybe night?
  15. ninja style

    ninja style

    my female veil named flig doin the splits for lunch
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    time for

    the cage i have, the crickets can get out at the i move her to a smaller cage where they cant get out.
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    time for

    i just got my new cham about a week and a half ago and i was wondering how long it took your chams to get used to handling? I don't pick her up and pet her, i just handle her to move her from her cage to where i feed her...thats all...i knows it natural to run like she is now, but will she get...
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    Do you live by?

    Does anyone live by pittsburgh, PA? I just found out i have to go on a family vacation june 8th to the 16th...i have no one to watch or take care of my chameleon...would anyone be willing to help me out? I could pay a few bucks for the hassle...
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    Doin the splits

    well, then you guys better start shooting some good pics for next month, because im entering this one in!!! :D
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    Doin the splits

    so i was outside feeding my cham, her name is flig, and this kind of reminded me of john claude van dam movie!
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