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  1. RayenaeTargaryen

    Customer vs. Quality

    Maybe I wasn't looking hard enough...but I didn't see anything about buying crickets...
  2. RayenaeTargaryen

    Customer vs. Quality

    When I first go Pi, I was buying her food from a popular chain pet store, but the distance was a bit of a pain, so I looked for a local place that might be a little bit closer and I'll be darned, I found one that was pretty close. They had all the supplies you could ever need for any reptile or...
  3. RayenaeTargaryen

    30 days to go and counting

    Congrats on getting new babies soon! By three jobs I assume you mean employment? Might wanna' make sure you have some finances in order to spend on these little guys. :D
  4. RayenaeTargaryen

    New and seeking advice

    I'd suggest if you're getting a "pair", then you need two different enclosures. From what I hear, they don't do well together and will constantly be stressed, which isn't good for any animal. If this is your first cham, I suggest getting one so you learn how to take care of them, what the...
  5. RayenaeTargaryen

    Unnecessary evil

    Complete cage cleaning. I'd say every few weeks ago, I do a complete cleaning of Pi's cage. Clean carpet (her 'mess' is picked up every day though), rearrange sticks, vines, even get new ones to replace the older sticks. Although to do this, I feel it's safer to remove her as I do all this...
  6. RayenaeTargaryen

    Girls are so moody

    Yeah, I tried that and she just turned away from me and started heading the other way. It's been two or three days now. Any time I should start worrying? Thanks for the tip.
  7. RayenaeTargaryen

    Funny Chameleons

    I like when they try to decide whether or not to move. They put one foot forward then start to put the other one forward, but move it back and forth. I'm sure there's reason to that but it's still funny. When I first got my baby, she would walk on top of the inside of the cage, so she was...
  8. RayenaeTargaryen

    Posh by Dr.O

    How do you know she's spicy? Do you eat parts of your pets? (kidding of course) She's adorable. The second picture is awesome.
  9. RayenaeTargaryen

    Girls are so moody

    My chameleon just experienced her first shedding. Since then (and during) her mood has changed. She's been much more avoidance. I don't handle her often (unless I HAVE to) since she's so young but usually when I stick my hand in to feed her or something of that nature, she doesn't back away, and...
  10. RayenaeTargaryen


    Gosh, I can imagine the heartbreak you must be feeling right now. I'm starting to leave my chams cage open while I'm in the room, I left for a minute to attend to something and I thought she had escaped. After frantically searching, I realized she was just hiding deep in the leaves where I had...
  11. RayenaeTargaryen

    Gaping mouth

    I searched for threads before this one, but I found one from 2007, and didn't want to bump that one. Situation: I came in to see my chameleon with her mouth gaping. There was no one/nothing else in the room to pose a threat, so (I'm assuming) it wasn't a threat determent. I've read maybe...
  12. RayenaeTargaryen

    Small black spot

    She's so camera shy! Every time I try to get a picture she turns away, like she's trying to hide an embarrassing mole or something. I'll try again to get a picture.
  13. RayenaeTargaryen

    Chameleon Ears?

    I don't think your cham would have a problem with it, but if you're worried, you could always move him/her out of the room while you do it.
  14. RayenaeTargaryen


    Maybe he doesn't like being handled after he eats? I assume like any other creature they get curious. Maybe he wanted to have a look around the world outside of the cage. ;p
  15. RayenaeTargaryen

    Small black spot

    Pi is about just over a month old now and she has this black spot on her. Thing is, she's had it since I got her and I figured the people that had her previously just didn't take care of their animals. Now it still hasn't gone away or gotten any better. I know they can get fleas or ticks, but...
  16. RayenaeTargaryen

    Given Another MBD Veiled...

    The one where you gave him the cricket looks like he's smiling. Thankfully he has someone to take care of him now. Good on you.
  17. RayenaeTargaryen

    I just got my panther cham and I'm not sure he is drinking enough.

    He could always be drinking when you're not home or just not looking. I wouldn't stress it too much unless he starts showing signs of dehydration.
  18. RayenaeTargaryen

    Should I get another chameleon?

    Sounds like you have a lot on your plate. I think you should just spoil your baby rotten. With all that you have going on, you don't want your chameleons to become a chore rather than something to enjoy.
  19. RayenaeTargaryen

    My New Baby Veiled :)~

    He's adorable! He looks almost exactly like my little girl. The last picture made me laugh, I love their eyes. The first picture looks so pro. :D Let us know when he gets a name.
  20. RayenaeTargaryen

    Florida residents chime in please.

    It does get humid and muggy sometimes. Recently in my area we had 3 straight days of rain. But most of the time, if you like sunny weather, that's what you'll get.
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