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  1. Thatwizard420

    Are Chameleons 'The Chosen Ones'

    I'm Wondering if my Chameleon is force sensitive? I've noticed he plays mind tricks on me sometimes, is that something to be concerned about?
  2. Thatwizard420

    Hissing Roach

    So I bought a hissing roach (Halloween) I’ve had her/him for over a month as I wanted to keep it. My Chameleon showed no interest in it or in any other Roach. Today I checked on the roach and noticed she was fat AF.... I thought to myself, should I offered to Uncle Sneaky? I did and he instantly...
  3. Thatwizard420

    Not Shedding completely

    Chameleon Info: Your Chameleon - The species, sex, and age of your chameleon. How long has it been in your care? Male Veiled Chameleon, been in my care since December Last year. When I bought it they said he was 4 months old. Handling - How often do you handle your chameleon? Used to daily like...
  4. Thatwizard420


    After 6 months of not tolerating me, Uncle Sneaky Castroo finally ate off my hand. Just like when he was a baby.
  5. Thatwizard420

    Is this Urate color normal?

    Veiled Cham I noticed a Lil orange in his piss, you think it’s dehydration?
  6. Thatwizard420


    Has anybody acquire a Veiled from any of their bloodlines? If so, do they look a lot like the sires in the pics or not really? Anybody have photos? I'm Interested in a naval Bloodline and was wondering if they really get that orange.
  7. Thatwizard420

    Microfauna Eating Redwood

    So I made a cage strictly out of Red wood and Aluminum Screen. I wanted to make it Bioactive, my concern is, Will Isopods, Springtails, Bio shot from bio dude, Millipedes, a few beetles, Will they eat the RedWood? Some guy here at work says redwood keeps bugs away. Anybody can confirm? Anybody...
  8. Thatwizard420

    30x30x48 Custom Enclosure

    I’ve added stakes, 1 Ficus Elástica, 1 Hibiscus, 1 Fatsia Japonica, Dracenea, and gon add a pothos. He Loves this new cage... Likes exploring it and the hiding spots it provides
  9. Thatwizard420

    30x30x48 Custom build

    It took me 8 hours and about $140 to make this enclosure, it’s made out of red wood and aluminum screen...It’s a really sturdy cage and I’m proud. This is just a demo, working on adding the vines and pretty much gotta rearrange everything... What can I use in the bottom? I don’t currently have...
  10. Thatwizard420


    I wanted to share with all of You some pictures of our Sunrise and sunsets. Hope You Enjoy Them :)
  11. Thatwizard420

    Teeth are brown

    Is this Normal? His teeth are brown
  12. Thatwizard420

    Snails....Silkworms......Roaches (Not Dubias, not waxed)

    Tryna find a plug that has silkworms and a roach my Cham willing to eat... Also I’m bored by his diet... Who has Mantis, Snails on deck? Currently he only eats Crickets, Superworms, Calciworms, and waxworme every now and then. Tryna eliminate Crickets since they’re loud, stinky and boring...
  13. Thatwizard420


    We got our first couple inches of rain Yesterday. Like 4 inches in 5 minutes, comes down hard. Temperatures are gon be low 90s today with humidity at 30-40%...... Can Uncle Sneaks Be outside for a extended period of time? He has shade in is bush and sun. Another concern is that bush attracts...
  14. Thatwizard420

    They grow so quick

    The First pic is Him the Same day I rescued him from PetCo. I had him with the dual Dome lights before I joined this Forum and got a bit educated... Not only He survived all this time, vet said he was a healthy Chameleon. I’m not encouraging anyone to do what I did. I wasn’t educated, did not...
  15. Thatwizard420

    Lighting a bigger cage, Hot And Humid

    I’m almost done with my 4x4x5 cage, I was wondering, will my repti sun 24 inch 5.0 T5HO do the job? Do I need to upgrade? If so, to the 10.0 Bulb? Imma be running grow lights on a dual dome for the plants. Also, it’s been really hot Here in Tucson for the past Month, AC not cutting it, gets way...
  16. Thatwizard420

    Trying to replace supplements

    I’m trying to get new supplements for my year old male veiled Chameleon... I use repticalcium without D3. Reptivive with D3.... I been reading about Repashy. My question is which one/s should I get, or should I keep my current. Or a combo of both. Any input appreciate. Thanks
  17. Thatwizard420

    Sharing a Cool Experience

    So Wednesday I went to my local Pet store to buy crickets, worms, etc For Uncle Sneaky Castroo.. When I was leaving the store This guy came in with his chameleon in hand. I Instantly asked him questions as in his age, etc. (He was 5). Friendliest chameleon I've ever met. He didn't seem phased...
  18. Thatwizard420

    Making My Own

    I've searched intensely in the search function for answers, but I can't find any. I want to start Buying the materials needed to start making my own... I'm wondering around how much does it cost, what type of wood to use? What would be the best hardware store to get what I need etc. Its for a...
  19. Thatwizard420

    10 Month Veiled eating Majesty Palm and Japanese Aralia!

    Are those plants safe... I looked them up but didn't find anything on the topic.... He seems to eat them every morning. He used to eat my fig but it ran out of leaves.. He ate them all... He only does this in the morning and when they're wet. He doesn't touch my pothos at all.
  20. Thatwizard420

    UVI for Veiled Chameleons?

    Is UVI of 12 bad for an adult Veiled Chameleon? its currently 99 degrees Fahrenheit with humidity of 12. Even though I know its too hot for him, I put him in his bush and he loves it, he changes to his happy colors instantly. Any feedback is more than welcome.
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