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  1. Tattersb

    Growth after neglect?

    No, no...those are iguanas. :oops:
  2. Tattersb

    Growth after neglect?

    Honestly, it took so long to get him to have normal urates and gain ANY weight I was over-the-moon thrilled to find out he has gained what he has. His urates were almost amber when I got him.
  3. Tattersb

    Growth after neglect?

    Good deal, I see so much conflicting data I wasn't sure. It seems like there are a lot of 200g+ reported.
  4. Tattersb

    Growth after neglect?

    It's hard to tell, but if I had to guess I'd say 13-14". He's not much for being handled, and since he came from a fraternity house I just act as his maid and give him his space.
  5. Tattersb

    Growth after neglect?

    He has, I had him to the vet within days of picking him up. He's clear for parasites.
  6. Tattersb

    Growth after neglect?

    No MBD per vet, and his bone structure is actually good. Thanks for the info!
  7. Tattersb

    Growth after neglect?

    I have a male veiled I rescued about six months ago from a poor environment. He had no water, no supplementation, inadequate lighting and only received a diet of meal worms. He was painfully thin and weighed 90 grams. The previous owner said he had him about a year, so I'm guessing he was around...
  8. Tattersb

    Comment by 'Tattersb' in media 'Pretty Pixie!'

    Beautiful shot of a beautiful girl!
  9. Tattersb

    Comment by 'Tattersb' in media 'T. j. jacksonii "Machakos"'

    @Ekona Thank you much! Boris the Beast is doing well, thanks for asking!
  10. Tattersb

    Comment by 'Tattersb' in media 'T. j. jacksonii "Machakos"'

    I love how vivid his colors are, and how the flowers are indigenous to his natural environment. Awesome capture!
  11. Tattersb

    March 2018 Photo Contest

    Congratulations! I was hoping he would win. Those colors are amazing!
  12. Tattersb

    Comment by 'Tattersb' in media 'Blue-tiful'

    @Boygeorge27 Thank you!
  13. Tattersb

    Comment by 'Tattersb' in media 'Dramatic Dragon'

    Nice capture!
  14. Tattersb

    Comment by 'Tattersb' in media 'Blue-tiful'

    Thanks! The pictures don't do him justice!
  15. Tattersb

    Comment by 'Tattersb' in media 'Marilou'

    I love her pastels!
  16. Tattersb

    Comment by 'Tattersb' in media 'Blue-tiful'

    @CJ's Exotics My guys wish I would take a lot less! :D
  17. Blue-tiful


    Gaudi, a seven-month-old mixed-locale male panther.
  18. Tattersb

    Comment by 'Tattersb' in media 'Savage'

    Congratulations! Beautiful composition and colors!
  19. Tattersb

    The Four Stages of Shedding

    So it's not just me?! o_O
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