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  1. GDiggs

    I think something going on

    I have a Veiled Chameleon female only 5-6 months old, we have had he got her maybe about a little over a month ago. She had been eatting crickets, Dubai’s and super worms. She is a a screen cage and it has plenty of fullage. She started her first shed yesterday and i helped by spraying warm...
  2. GDiggs


    Any feedback on Calciworms? I am thinking tomorrow we might attemp something different then crickets ? Updated picture of Her Home Below : )
  3. GDiggs

    Croton plant

    Good Morning everyone Today is the day I get Chamlies plant in her cagebefore I start messing with the plant i just want to make sure I should rinse all the dirt off of the plants roots before placing in the new pot... I was planning on separating the plant to make it two since it is a little...
  4. GDiggs

    Dripper s

    Does any one have one of these or know anything about their success with vieled chameleons?
  5. GDiggs

    New owner

    please help I’ve looked at sooo many other homes I’m having such trouble setting up for my female ... I want it to be perfect, we have dogs and I want her to feel safe and loved ! Any suggestions or feedback welcomed ! First post on here
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