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  1. Lacilolol

    Casque shedding problem!

    My boy Kuzco seems to be having trouble shedding his casque. It’s been like this the past 2 sheds, even though the rest of his body sheds perfectly fine. Is there anything I could do to help?
  2. Lacilolol

    Dubai colony questions

    I’ll be starting my Dubai colony soon with 10 females and 2 males and I’m super excited! Do you have any tips/tricks/pointers for a newbie? Do I use an under the tank heater? I’m using a 72-quart storage bin. Will the plastic not get too hot and or melt/catch my house on fire? Lol
  3. Lacilolol


    I have an adult Veiled Chameleon and was wondering how many roaches and how often I should feed him. I usually feed him 10 crickets a day, but after reading others posts it seems like I’m feeding him too much/often.
  4. Lacilolol

    Is my Chameleon stressed?

    I recently moved my Veiled Cham into a larger enclosure (2ft x 4ft). At first I had more of an open cage with no large plants that he seemed to like. More of vines, but I came across a large Dracaena that I put into his cage. Now he is always moving around and going to the very bottom and...
  5. Lacilolol

    Is this plant safe?

    Will this plant be safe for my chameleon?
  6. Lacilolol

    Will this plant be good for my large enclosure?

    I have a 4 ft tall by 2 ft wide cage. I’m having trouble finding a big enough plant (Lowe’s and Home Depot are out of stock on everything!) I was wondering if this plant would be good enough for my Kuzco’s cage?
  7. Lacilolol

    New Cage!

    I was able to get this cage for a steal! With that being said and it being pretty bare, what are some upgrades I could do? I use the Galapagos Mossy Sticks and the exo terra bendable vines, but I need plants! What are some good plants that I could get that are pretty tall?
  8. Lacilolol

    Update to Kuzco’s cage!

    I ordered a Ficus from lllreptile and love it! Not sure how Kuzco feels about it yet lol I’m sure he will appreciate the coverage.
  9. Lacilolol

    Hornworm feeding questions

    I have an approx. 1 year old male Veiled Chameleon who loves hornworms and crickets! I feed him 8-10 large crickets a day and have been feeding him 2 hornworms with the crickets. Is this too much? I originally got the hornworms to help with his hydration but now he loves them! How often and how...
  10. Lacilolol

    Is this Ficus Tree okay?

    I’m wanting to order a small Ficus Tree off of Has anyone gotten one? And is that Ficus safe?
  11. Lacilolol

    DIY cage

    I will be making a custom enclosure for my chameleon. This is what I’m basing it off of. Any tips? What type of wood should I use?
  12. Lacilolol

    My enclosure!

    This is my boy Kuzco’s enclosure. Post yours to give me upgrade ideas.
  13. Lacilolol


    My beautiful male Veiled Chameleon.
  14. Lacilolol

    Is my Cham drinking?

    Hi! I have an approx. 1 year old male Veiled Chameleon named Kuzco. How do I know he is drinking? I mist his cage 4-5 times a day but he seems to hate it, and I never see him lick off the leaves! I also have a Chameleon Cantina in the cage but he never goes to that either. When I catch him...
  15. Lacilolol

    Heating!! Help, which bulb?

    Hello, I have a male Veiled Chameleon approx. 1yr old. What should his basking temperature be? I put a 100w and it is 88 degrees. I tried a 150w and it is now at 97 degrees. Which bulb should I use?
  16. Lacilolol

    How do I gain my Chams trust?

    Hi! I just got an approx. 1 year old male Veiled Chameleon. He’s super skittish! I know to give him time to adjust to his new environment, but is there anything I could do that would help him like me better? I was able to cup feed him, I feel like that was a big step!
  17. Lacilolol

    What supplement?

    Hi! I’m getting a Veiled Chameleon soon, and I was wondering what was your preferred calcium/vitamin D3 dust, and how often do you dust?
  18. Lacilolol

    What wattage heat bulb should I put?

    Here is my soon to be Cham cage! It is a 30”L x 18”W x 30”H. I have the 5.0 reptisun uvb, should I have two for this cage? One on each side? And also, what wattage bulb would you recommend for the basking area?
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