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  1. Redman

    Some of my favorite frog pics amongst the hundreds of crappy ones I have taken.

    Love, love, love my red-eyes. You can see (albeit out of focus) my leucistic male in the background on the right, showing his distain for the camera. This would be an awesome pic, if I could actually have gotten it in focus! These two still had tails at the time of this shot. And...
  2. Redman

    My babies are starting to color up!

    Think this is my first pick for keeper from this clutch of 3-3.5 month olds! Please tell me what you think. Oh, and I can't help but include a pic that I title: "Oh no you didn't!"
  3. Redman

    Is it usual, or even possible, for an entire clutch of Panther eggs to develop to term?

    Hello, I have had a few clutches of Panther eggs over the last few months, and the usual seems to be that at least a few eggs are infertile, poorly formed/double eggs, or don't make it for unknown reasons. I have one clutch of 38, however, where every single egg appears very healthy and growing...
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