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  1. jstrazishar

    Plants hanging from dragon ledges

    I was just wondering if anyone could provide pictures of plants that are hanging from dragon ledges to see if it’s something I think I could do. Thanks!
  2. jstrazishar

    Constant molting

    My juvenile (don’t know his exact age) veiled chameleon seems to be constantly molting. Should I be concerned?
  3. jstrazishar

    Schefflera arboricola safety

    Is the schefflera arboicola safe for my veiled? I have seen some things that say they are not.
  4. jstrazishar

    Cleaning a new plant and enclosure

    I have seen recommendations to swish a new plant in soapy water in a bucket. What if my plant is too big to do that? Also, how do I go about cleaning his enclosure without taking everything apart? I also don’t have a drainage system, just a small rock dish to catch drips from the humidifier.
  5. jstrazishar

    Basking bulb for Veiled Chameleon

    Is a reptile daylight basking bulb okay to use for a veiled chameleon? That’s what I’ve been using since I got him, but this image doesn’t say they’re okay to use.
  6. jstrazishar

    UVB Lighting

    Hi. I currently have a Reptibreeze 12x12x30. I’m just wondering if the compact Zoomed Reptisun 5.0 13 Watts is good for my enclosure. Thanks!
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