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  1. Brokaylacham

    ALL the baby chams have mbd

    bro... my local pet shop that I always always get my crickets from and I’m now friends with the owners because I’m a local, take HORRIBLE care of their chams! I don’t know what to do! I don’t want to buy them because I can’t take care of them ( even though my parents said if I can make a deal...
  2. Brokaylacham

    can there be gay chameleons

    Yoo I just found out I'm going to pride so then I started to wonder If there can be gay chameleons. I think that'd be really cool and I would want one lol. Also If they can be, how would you know?
  3. Brokaylacham

    Blue spots

    I was outside with Leon and I noticed this, don’t really know what it is and I’m lowkey scared lol
  4. Brokaylacham

    Show me your chams part 2 !

    So I was looking through my old posts and I remembered I made a post asking to see peoples chameleons. I thought that I should bring it back because everyone has such nice and cute chams that I would love to see! Here is Leon!
  5. Brokaylacham

    Always wanting to come out

    I've made a post or two before asking about why Leon always wanted to come out of his cage. This was before he got his massive one and had a small one, people told me that he needed a bigger cage, so when I got one, he still wants to come out! I think he has plenty of places to hide run and play...
  6. Brokaylacham

    Amilobe or Ambanja

    A year ago I bought leon at a reptile convention and I was told he was a ambilobe. My first and I believe that he may be a Ambanja, but I’m not sure. If you guys can help me identify him that would be great! Here are some photos that are in no order.( He is now 1 year old btw)
  7. Brokaylacham

    I dont know what he ate!

    I just got back from buying him extra vines and leafs because ive noticed him wanting to go i nthe corner so i put him on a climby thingy i have on my desk while he waits and i heard him eat something behind something and i have no idea what it is! i tried opening his mouth but he already...
  8. Brokaylacham

    Tail not shedding

    leon finished shedding like a week ago but my friend pointed out that his tail doesn’t look finished and I’ve missed him extra times to help but idk if his tail is actually not finished shedding or if his coloration hasn’t developed there as much as the rest of his body has
  9. Brokaylacham

    When to buy a new temperature/ humidity checker

    I forgot how long i should have one of these until i should buy a new one. Do i even have to do buy a new one? I know i had to for the lights but im not sure anymore if i have to do the same for the temperature and humidity checker.
  10. Brokaylacham

    Pj skin

    I know this is like a stupid question but i was just wondering.. does the color a chameleon turns too at night while it sleeps mean anything? Mine has the same color while it sleeps as its out and having fun.
  11. Brokaylacham

    Weird black slash

    I went to take Leon out and i noticed this on his tail, im really scared to find out what it could be because i've seen stories where weird black things could mean bad news.
  12. Brokaylacham

    Coulnt find the answers i was looking for

    Im pretty sure i already know this,but just to make sure, do chameleons not eat much while shedding? I plopped some crickets in his cage because he hasn't eaten very much since his new cage and his shedding, he ate three then stopped. I was just wondering if this is normal? I tried looking for...
  13. Brokaylacham

    Not sure whats wrong

    So for Christmas i got him brand new huge cage thinking he would love it but yesterday all he did was stay low to the ground and i tried feeding him but he didnt budge, im not really an expert on shedding but he is around that time of about to shed but could it be something else? He wasnt like...
  14. Brokaylacham

    Leons christmas present!

    Leons Christmas present was a brand new cage and lights also some additional plants will be bought on Thursday. Leon has so much more room! His new cage is almost three times bigger! My Dad, Grandma and Aunt are to thank ! Here's a few pictures of him on Christmas and in his new cage, by the way...
  15. Brokaylacham

    I want to pamper Leon for Christmas

    My dad an i have pre ordered Leons cage already so we're getting him a new way bigger cage for Christmas ,but i'd love to do something more for him! Does anyone know any good things i can do to make my chameleons first Christmas special? I love getting my pets little things that they would like...
  16. Brokaylacham

    Keeps falling down??

    What the funnk is going on?? Like yesterday he didn't have this problem but now today he is? I see him trying to crawl the sides and top of the cage but falling, no major falls he catches himself on a vine or branch but still! I took him to a vet two weeks ago and he said he was healthy so i...
  17. Brokaylacham

    Link me to good adult cages please?

    Hey so my dad and I were going to custom order a cage but we want to explore our options so if ya'll know any good cages lemme know please. We'll be buying one by the end of October.
  18. Brokaylacham

    What do these colors mean?

    Alright so i'm not sure what his "happy" colors are or his "scared/angry" colors are but i was wondering if some of you cham enthusiasts can shed (get it) some information on what his could mean so that i can continue or stop doing what i do. He gets like this whenever he crawls on me or...
  19. Brokaylacham

    Help, sliding off my arm

    Alright so i was taking out my guy to go outside but his clampers felt weak, im not sure what this is but im really worried. I read that it could be that he was tired so i turned off the lights faster and then he was a bit strong but i didn't do it today and thats when he slid of my arm when i...
  20. Brokaylacham

    New cage

    Okay so I did some working over the weekend and it was recently my birthday so I can now buy a bigger cage since people say I should get a bigger one, I was wondering how big it should be and if anyone knows an exact cage I should buy that'd be fantastic! Heres a pic of my current cage, also...
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