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  1. tomylv

    Getting uncomfortable with the camera

    Just wanted to share some pictures (:
  2. tomylv

    Help identifying panther chameleon sex.

    Hello! I just got this baby panther chameleon, I think it's like a month old, I could use some help trying to identify the sex! Thanks
  3. tomylv

    Cham licking screen to drink water

    My panther chameleon will lick the terrarium screen were the water drops are falling instead of licking the leaves below onto which the water falls... is this normal/safe?
  4. tomylv

    First Veiled Cham

    Hi everybody!! I just got my first chameleon, i've had it for about a week. It's a male veiled chameleon, I think he must be about 3 months old. I've got him on a reptibreeze medium cage, it's 16" x 16" x 30". I've blocked the lower half of the cage and I'm planning on leaving it that way until...
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