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  1. NosyBe15

    Custom 2 Enclousre Cham Cage

    Hello Everyone. Forgive me if I posted this in the wrong Forum, If I did, please let me know which one to put it in, or if an Admin can move it. Well I have to move and it looks like I need to sell my custom built Cham set up. We built it specifically for chams, but it could work for other...
  2. NosyBe15

    Mistking schedule

    I have 3 misters in each of my cages. My Cages are 4x4x6 with live plants. I mist 3 times a day for 2 minutes and all my chams have nice white urates, along with all my plants growing well. Been running this schedule for over a year now and everyone seems nice and happy.
  3. NosyBe15

    Female Panther Not Laying Properly

    My females wouldnt ever lay in a smaller laying bin. I would imagine it could be the same here. I eventually gave up on the in-cage laying bins and got a big trash can for her to lay in. For substrate I used 50% eco earth and 50% play sand and never had an issue since. Here is a timelapse...
  4. NosyBe15

    Ambilobe Panther not projecting tongue

    Poor Little Guy. Watched the videos, This may be out of left field, but what about a vision problem? I couldnt tell from the videos, but is he locking both eyes on the food before he tries to shoot his tounge? The last video it almost seems like his depth perception is off.. How far away does...
  5. NosyBe15

    HELP ME!! Panther Chameleon eye

    Looks like it could be some type of infection. Your best bet is to always get him to an experienced Reptile vet who could prescribe some eye drops. You could also try a luke warm long shower in your shower. Aim the shower head at the wall so a mist hits the cham. No direct water hitting him...
  6. NosyBe15

    Watch Splash Go from Green to Yellow Video

    Hey Everyone. Check out this timelapse (in reality it was 1-2 minutes) of my boy splash going from Green/blue to Yellow/blue. Pretty cool seeing it happen with the speed of the timelapse. He saw my Diego Suarez Male and they had a little flare off. And yes before anyone jumps on my back...
  7. NosyBe15

    Water water everywhere.. Including the floor

    I also believe LLL Reptile sells 2x2 drainage sets for the bottom of the cage. I dont recall if thats the right company, but there are drainage options to set the cage on.
  8. NosyBe15

    Check out Splash. Amazing!

    I should of noted that he is only 8mo.
  9. NosyBe15

    Check out Splash. Amazing!

    I dont think he can have any more colors....
  10. NosyBe15

    Signs of being Compacted?

    Anyone have any idea's what the clear gooey stuff could be? Any need for me to be concerned? Everything else with him seems fine. I could schedule a vet visit, but I just dont know what they would do other then look at him, say he looks good, and take my 200 bucks.
  11. NosyBe15

    26 Chameleons stolen from Kissimmee FL

    really sucks to hear this. With that many Chams, it may be time to invest in a security camera system for your greenhouse. They have come down in price and night vision on these cameras has really improved. Hopefully some leads pop up and you can get your chams back because that is alot of...
  12. NosyBe15

    Signs of being Compacted?

    The poops have been found....... He must of went this morning and it was massive. There were 2 urates, and a ton of poops. (sorry the word poops over poop makes me laugh). So I am thinking there could of been some sort of issue, but today he cleared it all out because it was ALOT of poops...
  13. NosyBe15

    Signs of being Compacted?

    Hello Everyone. I am wondering what would be signs of a Cham being compacted. I have a 8 month old Panther who was pooping pretty regularly. Its been about 10-12 days since Ive seen a poop. He looks fine and still eats like he always does. My thing is he is in a big enclosure. 3x3x6, with...
  14. NosyBe15

    Calling all kammer babies

    Splash wants to join in the fun. 5 months old from Kammerflauge.
  15. NosyBe15

    Plant lighting

    thats a good price.
  16. NosyBe15

    Pregnant Sambava Need Help

    I am also confused because in another post you call yourself a breeder???
  17. NosyBe15

    Say Hello to Splash

    Hey everyone. I thought I would introduce Splash. He is only 5 months old and showing some crazy color already.
  18. NosyBe15

    3-4 Month Old Panther in Large Enclosure

    Looks like I lucked out and found a 5-6 month old beauty. So I think its going to work out.
  19. NosyBe15

    3-4 Month Old Panther in Large Enclosure

    Hey Everyone. I recently had to put my female Nosybe down. Which was pretty sad. She was older, but had a good life. So its time for me to get a new buddy... Now the issue that I have is I have a custom enclosure thats in my living room with 2 living spaces in it. Each one is 3x2x5...
  20. NosyBe15

    Mist king and posting issues

    Never had an issue with my MistKing, running 8 nozzles.
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