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  1. Jordanworks479

    plant liner mistake

    the Plastic sheet is a attempt to retain heat given off by the lights,if you look inside the cage there is a black fabric plant liner runs along the bottom stopping the substrate from directly contacting the screen but still allowing proper drainage. It can be tough to tell the difference but...
  2. Jordanworks479

    plant liner mistake

    The one above is a older pic from like 3 months ago,dropped it so you can see the liner curling on the left side this is a picture from like a week ago
  3. Jordanworks479

    plant liner mistake

    “Pet camera” If you want a picture of his eye turret that’s gonna have to wait till the morning don’t want to flash him Where he got stuck was on the left side between the liner and screen
  4. Jordanworks479

    plant liner mistake

    Yup born and raised there lol but lil man is not cheap
  5. Jordanworks479

    plant liner mistake

    I hand misted him and he cleaned both eyes as normal but he’s on full watch I put the the pet cam back in and am not taking any chances.
  6. Jordanworks479

    plant liner mistake

    Hey everyone still here(always lurking)decided to make a post about this to possibly warn other keepers about my mistake and hope you don’t make the same,I have a plant liner on a 24 24 48 reptibreeze screen cage it goes about 16 inches up and my Cham has been looking for a mate lately and doing...
  7. Jordanworks479

    New Natural Habitat

    I definitely agree with the above I would not use gravel for the drainage on a reptibreeze I have a bioactive 24x24x48 with about a 16 inch substrate layer I use light diffuser and weed barrier like fabric for my drainage just because of the weight issue.I’m no slouch but it takes 2 people to...
  8. Jordanworks479

    Probably Will Sell chameleon due to not being able to care for her

    I agree it’s a great lesson and and speaks highly of your character. Best of luck with everything!!!
  9. Jordanworks479

    Photos of My Birthday Kids

    Every time I see your female @jannb I reconsider the sex I like more great pics they both look awesome
  10. Jordanworks479

    Chilli’s tank done

    Looks great Is that strip lighting?
  11. Jordanworks479


    I’ve read somewhere that head bobbing was a territorial/posturing thing my veiled has done it a couple of times before flaring up and sticking the beard out(full display)
  12. Jordanworks479

    Jacksons mouth barely open with tounge out

    I grabbed off your insta to make it easier for the members to help no exp. with Jackson best of luck
  13. Jordanworks479

    Gecko food for gutload

    I was worried about the protein as I posted the picture I noticed that it come from bsfl,I think i may just throw it to my compost.I don’t think mournings eat the same as day geckos I’m not sure but I think day geckos and Caledonian will eat solid fruit,these girls only like the watery food I...
  14. Jordanworks479

    Gecko food for gutload

    Thanks for the reply. I was worried about protein content. Here’s a pic,btw not to get off topic but you give your geckos homemade?if so any recommendation for mournings? The items you can not see are potassium chloride,salt,L alanine,L glutamine,L tyrosine and lecithin.I have mourning geckos...
  15. Jordanworks479

    Gecko food for gutload

    I have some gecko food that I’m not using anymore (zoo med crested diet tropical) and wondering if it would be a good source of gutload for my feeders.
  16. Jordanworks479

    Too Wet Cage, plant problem?

    This picture makes me feel like I don’t have enough branches in my cage ..... lol tomorrow im going add way more hardwood as well.
  17. Jordanworks479

    Bioactive vivarium for veiled chameleon

    The orchard look so nice I thought it was my bad Wow you filled that out nice.
  18. Jordanworks479

    Bioactive vivarium for veiled chameleon

    Looks great I love begonia Rex my favorite terrarium plant. What’s the dimensions on that? I think you have a perineal hibiscus they wilt during the winter try a red darling they bloom huge flowers year round (pic below). You can replace it with orchards they do well in terrariums imo.
  19. Jordanworks479

    Breeding in enclosure

    I hope he still likes flies by the time they hatch,he’s growing fast
  20. My boy is growing up

    My boy is growing up

    First time he gave me a good picture
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