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  1. jannb

    Emergency planning: Are you prepared?

    I am so thankful you and your family are safe. We have carriers for everyone because of the hurricanes here BUT they are not always easy to get to. I’ve got to see if we can get them more accessible incase of a fire.
  2. jannb

    Chams ARE social animals!

    Personally, I believe the male will stress the female.
  3. jannb

    2020 Chameleon Calendar

    Believe me, I would it I could.
  4. jannb

    2020 Chameleon Calendar

    I’ve never received a medal for the calendar, even from the cover.
  5. jannb

    Pinworms.. what’s next?

    It’s always good to do a good cleaning but pinworms are not contagious so you do not have to clean everyday. It will be safe to reuse the plants, too.
  6. jannb

    What to do when you go on vacation? - YouTube video

    I have a petsitter that comes in twice a day. So many things can happen to these little guys and I’d never forgive myself if I left them alone and they suffered while I was gone.
  7. jannb

    Officially coccidia free!

    Hi Basil! You are looking big and handsome! ❤️ That’s great news on the Coccidia!
  8. jannb

    Feeding rountie

    He is very handsome! What’s his name? I agree with others about feeding him every other day. He looks like a young adult, maybe 10 to 12 months. In a few more months you could go to three days a week. Depending on the size of the feeder, 2 to 10 feeders on each food day.....two hornworms.....10...
  9. jannb

    Looking for veiled chameleon

    There’s a lady in Tampa, right now looking for a home for her male veiled which is about a year old. Chameleons are not pets for children but if you take full responsibility, that will work. My eggs will hatch in April and the babies will be ready to go end of June or first of July.
  10. jannb

    Unexpected female laying eggs

    Did you check the link with all the MI reptile vets listed?
  11. jannb

    Unexpected female laying eggs

    If those pictures of your girl are from today, she doesn’t look bad yet. I’ll get you a list of reptile vets in MI and I’d get her an X-ray in the morning to see if she has more eggs. If she only laid six she probably has more eggs. The vet might give and injection of oxytocin and calcium to...
  12. jannb

    Fecal Result...i see something [pics attached]

    It would be panacur for Reptiles.
  13. jannb

    Fecal Result...i see something [pics attached]

    Panacur is safe and works well on pins.
  14. jannb

    Fecal Result...i see something [pics attached]

    That’s pinworm eggs (round thing) and adult pinworms (long thing). The very last picture is a crystal from the fecal solution.
  15. jannb

    Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

    My girls would like to eat like that!
  16. jannb

    My First Baby

    Congratulations on that little cutie! ❤️
  17. jannb

    Everyone say hello to Peri

    Welcome little man! ❤️ I am so happy for you Tony!
  18. jannb

    First Yemen babies expected soon

    I make the jungle gyms out of shish kabob sticks and hot glue. The babies love them. Where do you live? Maybe you could fine someone to take part of your eggs.
  19. jannb

    First Yemen babies expected soon

    Your eggs look good! You sure do have allot of them. My clutches are in the very low 30’s or high 20’s. Right now the first thing you need to do is start preparing your baby bins. At first you can keep 15 or so to a bin but by 3 weeks old they will need to be separated to about 3 to 4 to a bin...
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    Stanley 13 months old. Feb. 2018
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