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  1. Harland Williams

    Finishing up Vigo's cage

    Need a little advice finishing Chameleon Info: * Your Chameleon - Panther Chameleon,male,around 7 months old.I have been taking care of him for around 4-5 months. * Handling - Only when I take him outside or when he wants out. * Feeding -...
  2. Harland Williams

    Please help my cham ate a wasp!

    I just got 2 hibiscus trees and wanted to let him check them out so I was sitting out side with him and out of no where he ate a wasp :eek: is this going to hurt him,should I take him to the vet now.
  3. Harland Williams

    Suggestions for my setup?

    Chameleon Info: * Feeding - Crickets,I have a cricket keeper,calcium fortified cricket quencher,and cricket crack. * Supplements - rep cal Herptivite,rep cal calcium with D3 and some rep cal calcium without D3. * Watering - a fluker's mini dripper and mister Cage Info...
  4. Harland Williams

    What was up with Moe Jackson

    Had to take Moe back to the store :(.Turns out he was really stressed from shipping and was having problems shedding on the top of his head,he was making me worry to much.I miss him but I think it was for the better.I was having a hard time keeping the temp for him right.The cage I have is more...
  5. Harland Williams

    My jackson loves me more than his cage

    I know I shouldn't be handling him yet but I was able to get him to let me give him some water with an eye dropper and he seemed to like it.Later on I figure wth why not give him a choice and see if he will let me hold him and he did.I was really shocked to because he has been pretty dark ever...
  6. Harland Williams

    New Jackson owner

    Hi I've been lookng through the forums here for about 5 to 6 months among other sites and decided to buy a chameleon.Any tips,info or advice of any kind would be greatly appreciated. Chameleon Info: * Your Chameleon - Jackson,Male,around 3 months old.It's been in the cage since...
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