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    need help.

    you have a thread about this chameleon already and answered these questions so I answered you there.
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    over feeding?

    Good to know! You said..." supplements - Rep-Cal brand with both multi vit and calcium. food is dusted 6 days a week with calcium and 1 day a week with multi vit"...I have dusted with RepCal products for years but I dust lightly with the phos free calcium powder at almost every feeding and...
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    over feeding?

    You said sold to you as a male...have you looked at its heels to be sure? If it's a male you won't have to worry so much about over feeding because he will let you know by getting fat. If it's a female you don't want to over feed her...
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    Lous bloodwork is in

    Good that he's having a good shed!
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    Veiled Chameleon Post Egg Laying

    With Panther chameleons I have only lowered the number of eggs per clutch (not stopped the egg production completely) . With veileds I have been able to stop them completely...
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    Kind of sad though.
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    Lack of Eating and Lethargy

    These might help... Read the part on Gout Basics...[/URL]
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    Wild chameleon(?) In south spain

    Chamaeleo chamaeleon. I used to have some many years was the first species of chameleon that I hatched the eggs of.
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    Egg questions

    My female (the mother) hatched form her egg in less than 2 months total, so I'm trying to check on them often just to make sure they don't hatch and end up suffocating. How big do panther chameleon eggs generally tend to get before they hatch" "how long does it usually take for an infertile egg...
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    Is my Cham crying?

    @Xenocrypted01 How's your chameleon's eye today? Did you take it to a vet? I hope you got/get the problem solved. I'm sorry your thread got sidetracked. It doesn't help you get the help with the eye issue even if the topic it was sidetracked to is something that might be worth discussing in a...
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    duodenum- has role in active transcellular absorp of calcium

    In veiled chameleons...
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    Oxidative damage, etc ...veiled chameleons... Aggression...
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    How should I be dusting my feeders?

    You can try giving him some greens, veggies and a tiny bit of fruit even at this age but chances are he won't take it yet. I usually put a small jar lid of chopped up greens, veggies and fruit in the bottom of the cage so the crickets that are free-ranging in the cage can eat it and the chemelon...
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    Chameleon dosent look well please help

    @PurpelesKoowaid How's your chameleon doing now?
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    gravid colors?

    Is she puffing out every time she sees you?
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    Is the UVB light on only during the daytime? I would try to raise the cage up off the floor if possible. The basking temperature could be in the low 80's F. I see no signs of dehydration or infection. Are you worried about infection along the spine?
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    How should I be dusting my feeders?

    Glad you're replacing the red light. You can use a regular household incandescent bulb of a wattage that produces the proper basking temperature. You've already been told about one way of supplementing (with the Repashy Calcium Plus LoD and use that at every feeding). I supplement in the "old"...
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    Is my Cham crying?

    @Brodybreaux25 .. There are always two sides to everything and many opinions....I was just presenting what was out there. :) @Xenocrypted01 ...the grabbing at yourr shirt and trying to climb to the top of your head could be your chameleon trying to move to a higher place to sit. He's not...
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    Is my Cham crying? "According to the San Diego Zoo, a chameleon's skin changes colors in response to its emotions, such as anger or fear, changes in light, temperature or humidity." @Xenocrypted01 ...said..."there was a stream of water running from his...
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