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  1. VerteX

    Still Around...

  2. VerteX

    Christmas Lights in Polka Dots

    Enjoy. Have a great new year!
  3. VerteX

    I'm DrUnK!11

    Thanks to this thing... I had to buy it! From Trader Joe's.
  4. VerteX

    Dark Side of Iris

    Since I haven't posted any new photos of Iris in a while, I thought this would be a good time to show some I've taken recently. That's all folks! V
  5. VerteX

    Classic Car Show

    Hello all, Here's some photos I've taken at the classic car show I attended in Crocker Park, Westlake, OH. Enjoy, V
  6. VerteX

    Drinking Water

    Drinking photos from today.
  7. VerteX

    Hare Photos

    Hi there! Long time no see. Sorry, I haven't posted on the forum for sometime. Took these about a month ago in our front yard. I can't identify them, although, I think they could be Snowshoe Hares. What do you think?
  8. VerteX

    Calcifer, He's Still Serious

    There you go SoCaliSon. Hope you like :) Enjoy, V
  9. VerteX

    Kermit, Not the Frog Photos

    Enjoy. V
  10. VerteX

    Iris on a Sunday

    Do beautiful things need a reason to share? Here's Iris on a Sunday. Enjoy. - Some experimentation shots in my backyard. These two shots are in broad daylight with flash and a black backdrop. It seems to me black background is too formal, no? - My model started getting hot, so he asked...
  11. VerteX

    Silkworms For Sale

    I have some extra silkworms. 50 large silkworms (1.5 - 2 inch) $15.50 shipped 50 very large silkworms (2 - 3 inch) $17.50 shipped USPS Priority (2-3 day) shipping to continental USA from Cleveland, OH. Please pm for availability. PayPal accepted. V
  12. VerteX

    Singing Ambilobe

    They are hard to come by. They always charge top dollar for their performance. This one is a subsonic melody. V
  13. VerteX

    Odds and Ends

    Slow week. Just odds and ends... V
  14. VerteX

    Here's Johnny!

    I felt that this photo deserves its own thread. For some reason this recent shot of Kermit the female Veiled reminded me Jack Nicholson's infamous "Here's Johnny!" line in The Shining. Agree/Disagree? Have a better "Here's Johnny!" face? :eek: V
  15. VerteX

    Pearly Panther

    This is Chestnut. Female Ambilobe panther. She's 1.5 years old and never laid a single egg. Go figure :confused: I have a feeling if humans had tails, they would do the same thing from time to time. Comments welcome. V
  16. VerteX

    Kegos are aweosme! (Macro)

    Kego is a Japanese term for young silkworms. I always wanted to take better photos these awesome creatures, but it has been cold here lately to hatch some. Last week, I set up an aquarium with a heat pad to incubate the silkworms. This allowed me to hatch 1+ year old silkworm eggs stored in our...
  17. VerteX

    How (Not) To Eat Hornworms

    All ye chams be warned!:D V
  18. VerteX

    Ho-Ho-Hornworms (Macro)

    I picked up a few HWs this last reptile show. Wanted to get some macro photos of the unique creatures. This pictured one was 9.9 grams. The size of them compared to silkies are astounding. Almost a small pet! I betcha you didn't know they were this hairy. :eek: The Magnifications are 1:1 and...
  19. VerteX

    New Bose QuietComfort 2 Noise Cancelling Headphones

    I know, this is something totally unrelated to chameleons unless you know of chams that demand silence. Even then, I'm not sure if it's proven that they don't hear sound waves. I'm selling this on eBay as well. If you want to buy it for the set price, please PM me. For Sale: :cool: Brand...
  20. VerteX

    Panther Macros

    Hi! Continuing the series of macro photographs with another thread. This time it's our Ambilobe, Iris. These macros were taken while he was awake, although he was a bit furious at first, he calmed down as I wasn't moving too much. Working distance from the lens is about 1 inch. If you have...
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