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  1. Kali11

    Plant Question

    Miss Grumpy Pants has outgrown her umbrella plant. She’s broken all the branches and her plant has no cover for her anymore. Does anyone have any suggestions for a better, safe plant that will hold her weight? Or do I just need to get a bigger umbrella plant? She’s a veiled chameleon. Here’s...
  2. Kali11

    Building a Ball Python Enclosure

    I have had my ball python for many years, she's an older girl. But I have been wanting to build her a new tank for a few months now. It's hard to get a good plan down bc I have to many ideas lol. We want to build it out of 1/2 gauge chicken wire and wood, so we can make it as big as we want it...
  3. Kali11

    Weird Sleeper

    Does anyone else's baby sleep hanging on vertically? It's super cute. But seems weird. :confused:
  4. Kali11

    MBD & Liquid Calcium

    Some of you have been following my other thread "veiled in the ground" The ones who haven't seen my story, the gist is, I was very misinformed about chams when I got her. The result is she has MBD. I figured I'd voice this question to everyone to see if anyone knew my question: She has been...
  5. Kali11

    Cricket help!

    I'm pretty sure I have a phorid fly problem with my crickets. I've been reading like crazy trying to figure out how to get rid of these creepy crawleys! I clean out all the dead crickets. They still keep getting in there! Last time I cleaned the whole container out and there was larvae in there...
  6. Kali11

    A Thousand Thank Yous

    I just wanted to make a post to thank everyone that has helped me so much with my veiled cham. I was very uneducated and misinformed. I'm so thankful I found this site. I'm very thankful for all you wonderful people for taking the time to educate me and help me on this journey. She would not...
  7. Kali11

    Help Me Name Her

    I've been struggling with a good name for her! Her original name is Lilith but it just doesn't seem to suit her. Any suggestions? :)
  8. Kali11

    veiled on the ground

    My veiled chameleon has been staying on the ground. This is day 3. I've had her for about 1 1/2 months. She's never shed. I guess she's to young? She's just a baby from what I can gather. She's been mad towards us. But she's never much liked being held. She stays her pretty green color until I...
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