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  1. HolyToledo

    My Precious Sadie Baby Needs Your Thoughts and Prayers

    I am just heartbroken and can't imagine how you are doing. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
  2. HolyToledo

    Thank goodness for 9-ft ceilings...

    Fantastic enclosure! Is he happier with it now? Hope so. Mine hates anything any shade of red anywhere around. But I love the color of your room and the cage looks wonderful in it. Great job!
  3. HolyToledo

    Poppi and Prometheus are both past the one year old mark! Yay!

    Poppi is doing much better now. No lasting issues after the egg laying. I upped her calcium for 2 weeks but she is back to her regular supplement schedule. Her eyes are both clear and seem to be working fairly well. Thank goodness. She was keeping that one eye closed for so long I was...
  4. I'd rather be in my window away from that icky boy over there in that window.

    I'd rather be in my window away from that icky boy over there in that window.

  5. Just put me in the window and leave me alone!

    Just put me in the window and leave me alone!

  6. HolyToledo

    Introducing Sage

    Late as usual, so I missed the pics too (they aren't displaying now)? But congratulations on your new additions.
  7. HolyToledo

    Tribute to Luie

    I'm still crying about Luie's passing. He will always be my hero of all chams!
  8. HolyToledo

    Poppi is a big girl now!

    At a year and a month, Poppi laid 34 eggs! So we have survived the egg laying, so far... She has not been doing as well as I could hope. She has been to the vet because she is keeping one eye closed all of the time. Doc thinks maybe she got some sand in it and that it got a bit infected...
  9. HolyToledo

    Update on Luie’s Health Issues

    Jann, I finally saw the tributes to your boys. You are such a great photographer and had such stunning subjects. I can't come on the forum without crying for all you have been through lately. I hope you have good things to come... Jackie
  10. HolyToledo

    Comment by 'HolyToledo' in 'How to secure against cats'

    Wonderful blog! Most kitties are definitely dangerous for our other critters and there have been so many sad stories. I am very lucky that my kitty not only isn't a threat to my chams, she is a threat to anyone who tries to get too close to HER chams. :) I am allowed to take care of them but...
  11. HolyToledo

    Update on Luie’s Health Issues

    Sorry, I hadn't seen the memorial posting. I just checked this thread and didn't see any bad news so I was hoping for the best...
  12. HolyToledo

    Update on Luie’s Health Issues

    My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. Luie will live on in our hearts forever and I'm sure you will make the best of whatever time he has with you. I am sorry about your babies getting on in years but it is just proof of your dedication and love. I send you positive wishes every...
  13. HolyToledo

    Please help my girl

    Congrats on the successful laying! I am hoping I am as lucky with mine when the time comes :)
  14. HolyToledo

    Laying bin maintenance questions

    All input is helpful, so thanks. I am hoping I am doing well enough. At least the sand doesn't smell swampy. I do think it is funny that Poppi likes to play in it. And it is kind of comforting that she buries the "starter hole" every time. So, hopefully, if she does get eggs she will...
  15. HolyToledo

    Enclosure experiment failed but works pretty well anyway?

    Prometheus is still out and about as long as the sun is shining. When it is dreary our, he wanders inside his cage but hangs out around his UVB mostly. When the sun shines enough to brighten things up a bit though, off he goes to one of the windows. :) His urates are a touch yellow though...
  16. HolyToledo

    Laying bin maintenance questions

    ???? Thanks for the replies. But there are hundreds of laying bins out there and no one else has anything to say about them? ????
  17. HolyToledo

    Update on Luie’s Health Issues

    So glad to hear the boys are better! Keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers.
  18. HolyToledo

    Laying bin maintenance questions

    I try to get all the poo and dead bugs out too. But sometimes she goes in plays around and the poo ends up buried for a few days. I just hope the drying out sometimes will keep it clean enough. And, I have to check her every few days or her armpits can get kind of raw from having sand in her...
  19. HolyToledo

    Laying bin maintenance questions

    Poppi loves her laying bin. She plays in it. She likes to drop her food into it and then go hunting in the sand. And, she likes to poop in it. Right now, I have two batches of sand: one in the bin and the other drying after getting baked. I have to sift sand, and move it around to keep...
  20. HolyToledo

    Comment by 'HolyToledo' in 'At 8 months, they are still growing up nicely?'

    Thanks all :) Prometheus' big "cage" has been very entertaining and educational. My current project: How do people who free range their chams make sure they get enough water? Poppi and I have a few laying bin issues. I am starting a thread hoping for some input and ideas. Poppi has had...
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