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  1. HolyToledo

    Laying bin maintenance questions

    Poppi loves her laying bin. She plays in it. She likes to drop her food into it and then go hunting in the sand. And, she likes to poop in it. Right now, I have two batches of sand: one in the bin and the other drying after getting baked. I have to sift sand, and move it around to keep...
  2. HolyToledo

    Poppi and Prometheus updates

    Just figured I would post here to let everyone know that I put another blog entry on Poppi and Prometheus' growth progress. I haven't weighed them recently but they have grown some. And, I experimented with a temporary cage for Prometheus and started a thread under enclosures. Cage success...
  3. HolyToledo

    Enclosure experiment failed but works pretty well anyway?

    I was hoping that moving to a bigger enclosure would take some of the stress out of Prometheus' life. His cage isn't built yet but I wanted to play around with size, placement, etc. I have a modular shelf set from Costco that I was looking at thinking it would work well for just such an...
  4. HolyToledo

    Weighing In

    What is the easiest way to weigh a fighting un-friendly cham? I am tempted to just put him in a container with a lid on it but am afraid that will freak him out even worse. He was only a bit testy until I got him and he got put into the container to come home. The whole time he was in it he...
  5. HolyToledo

    Poppi and Prometheus are growing like weeds!

    This is Poppi from May 31, 2012 right after getting her: This is her August 11, 2012: It is harder to tell because he is such a beast about being looked at, let alone maybe touched or photographed! But, here he is on July 16, 2012: And if you compare him to the size...
  6. HolyToledo

    Any vet suggestions for Yuba City, CA?

    We are on the hunt for a vet in the Yuba City/Marysville, CA area that are experienced with chams. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
  7. HolyToledo

    I can't seem to get it to work!

    Since the entry deadline got extended, I tried to upload my pic of Twister's hatchday but I can't seem to get it to upload into the contest. I enlarged it but still can't get it to work. What am I doing wrong? It's probably too late now though, huh?
  8. HolyToledo

    Welcome Prometheus! (Poppi's got a new boyfriend)

    Welcome to our world, Prometheus the trickster! His skin is getting better than in the original pic--thank goodness. I don't know if it was funny spots from bad water from where he originally came from or just a weird shed leftovers, but I am keeping an eye on that for sure. He is...
  9. HolyToledo

    Woo Hoo! Senior Member status.

    Got it yesterday! It means lots more to me than I thought it would for some weird reason. :) Just really wish Trooper Twister was with me for it... (I don't think I'm ever gonna quit missing him but am hoping soon I will quit crying about it. Jeesh!)
  10. HolyToledo

    rye and dates - zero search results found

    I am wondering if rye is an acceptable addition to gutload mix? Same with dates? I have been mixing up gutlaod of variety of itmes on the lists but buying some of this and some of that makes up quite a batch of stuff (the basics reminded me of healthy breakfast cereal) so I did some looking...
  11. HolyToledo

    Welcome home Poppi!

    Well, I finally did it! Wish me luck--I'm scared sh**less something will go wrong again... But I'm praying and re-read JannB's blog, etc. Here she is: Little miss attitude. She juts her chin out and gapes a little once in a while but most of the time, she just makes this funny little...
  12. HolyToledo

    Trooper Twister lost the battle today

    I sure will miss you little man! You fought so hard for the last 6 months and put up with so much. You will suffer no more... Rest in Peace.
  13. HolyToledo

    Trooper Twister's recent x-rays

    I'm don't know how to make sense of these. Doesn't help that Twister was really living up to his name and giving them a hard time when they were trying to get the x-rays. They had to stop a few times cuz he was being such a twerp. Then when they weren't trying to take his pics, he was just...
  14. HolyToledo

    Trooper Twister's illness and recovery.

    I was almost 8 months old when I got sick. Here is a photo mom took when I was doing my best to act like nothing was wrong. I thought I did a pretty good job of hiding that I have a broken front right leg. Mom took me to the vet but they didn't do x-rays cuz I'd just had some done at 6 months...
  15. HolyToledo

    Huge thanks to all who helped Trooper Twister survive to his first hatchday!

    We made it! Our thanks go out to so many wonderful people here. I am so thankful that this forum exists and the people are so patient and helpful.
  16. HolyToledo

    Eating sand!!

    I was cleaning out my old girl's cage and set the bucket of sand off to the side. Mister is free ranging and made a bee-line for the bucket and started eating the sand! I put him back up higher and moved the bucket but he got down and went back to the bucket and started eating the sand...
  17. HolyToledo

    What do you do when the power goes out?

    I was wondering what other people do when they loose power? How do you keep a cham warm during the middle of a winter storm power outage? Any suggestions and ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  18. HolyToledo

    What is the opinion of Zilla's JumpStart calorie supplement?

    My veiled cham is ill (discussed in another thread). I am worried about him not eating anything but the few medicated waxworms I am forcing down him. He finally pooped today but I was told a bit of mineral oil might help and saw that this JumpStart has mineral oil in it. I know it works...
  19. HolyToledo

    Is this stuff good or bad to use for my feeders?

    I would greatly appreciate some advice about how I have been keeping our mealworms and crickets. I have been having problems with my crickets stinking and dying off until I started putting this Mazuri breeder rat food powder in with the crickets. It looks and smells just like the Flukers...
  20. HolyToledo

    Mister Twister has a bit of the wobblies! HELP!

    I have had my male veiled chameleon, Mister Twister, since he was two weeks old and he is 9 months old now. We live 7 miles inland from the central coast of Oregon state (on the west coast of the United States). He comes out to socialize every few days to a few times a day--its pretty...
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