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  1. sayller

    Chameleon mouth is strange

    Guys, my Chameleon mouth looks strange, like inflammation, can you take look and tell me what ti do?
  2. sayller

    Chameleon back teeth and pink gum

    Hello guys. I have some problem with my chameleon gum they are pink , teeth are black and looks like some teeth are missing :( what to do? what medicine will suggest? Chameleon description: ------------------------------------------- age 1 year 5 months feeding only with superworms every...
  3. sayller

    Legs problem

    Hello guys. I have some problem with my chameleon Please some one help me it have 5-6 months i have him for 2 months almost 3 some weeks ago i so something is not oky with him... i noticed his legs is growing not correct ,, so i bought calcium with D3 and after 2-3 days my order of calcium...
  4. sayller

    My chameleon is passive (and walk strang)

    Hello. My chameleon is 5 months old , meal, I noticed yesterday and today when he opened his mouth i saw black teeths and is so passive walking too rare and he is shaking when walk Please help me! i am so scared ((( month by sayller posted Jan 29, 2018 at 6:57 PM
  5. sayller

    punished tail

    hi, my chameleon punished his tail when he tried to open door , i had no idea that he is so strong and i dont have in my country a good vet with knowledge about reptiles, it have 4 months , 4-5 days I anoint with a regenerating solution for humane but i read in some forums to use it if he...
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