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  1. Ceceblue82

    Spike is 6m old - question re feeding

    Spike is fat and happy (at least I think so, how can you tell with that permanent frowny face :LOL:) I know you're supposed to go to every other day feeding when they are 6 months but he checks out his feeding cup every day and still eats like a little piggy. So do I wait for his appetite to...
  2. Ceceblue82

    Poop question

    I never see Spike drinking and I sit and stare at him for hours. I guess he's a secret drinker lol. Just wanted to ask how his poop looks to someone experienced. I have a fogger going at night as per Bill's podcast, light mist in the morning and evening with a 5 minute shower in the afternoon...
  3. Ceceblue82

    Got my new little guy!!

    Got my new 4 1/2 month old Ambanja Panther from Matt Vanilla Gorilla. Love how he packages them. He even sent me an eggshell - gonna have to start a baby book lol :) He ate a bunch of crickets and a hornworm within 15 minutes of being in his new cage. That's hornworm guts on the side of his...
  4. Ceceblue82

    How long do you run your foggers?

    Bill's podcast just says Midnight to the early hours of the morning. But that could be 3, 4, 5, hours - My lights come on at 8, as per his guidelines I run the mister at 7:30 for a minute or so. So how many hours should the fogger be going? I'm getting my little guy from Matt Vanilla Gorilla on...
  5. Ceceblue82

    Question about foggers

    Wanting to set up the best possible habitat for my cham I have been listening to a lot of Bill Strands podcasts. No. 89 is about Naturalistic Hydration using a fogger during the night to replicate the fog bank that rolls in during the night. So I have decided to add a fogger - first of all is...
  6. Ceceblue82

    Does the MistKing pump need to be bolted down?

    Well the title pretty much says it all. I just received the starter kit and was wondering if everybody fastens the pump down or just sits it on a shelf. One small thing I'm not too happy about is they don't include a paper manual, you have to go online for instructions. Hey, I'm old OK lol
  7. Ceceblue82

    Cage Done! (almost) Opinions , suggestions pls

    Almost ready for my new little guy - a big Thank You to Matt Vanilla Gorilla for all his help (y) I'll be getting a handsome Panther juvenile from him in a few weeks! The cage is 2 x 2 x 48 from Dragonstrand with drip tray. I put a shower curtain on three sides to keep water off the room walls...
  8. Ceceblue82

    New cage set up

    Hi all I'm setting my cage up, in anticipation of getting a baby panther chameleon. Wanted to know what you thought of my Branch arrangement. I had a 60 watt bulb in the Basking area but that got up in the 90s, I replaced it with a 40 and it is now hanging at about 85. I'm going to be putting...
  9. Ceceblue82

    MistKing or CliMist Cyclone Misting System?

    Just ordered a large cage from Dragon Strand - now need to pick out a misting system. Both of these have good reviews and the prices are comparable so I was looking for opinion on what everybody likes. :D
  10. Ceceblue82

    Info on Northwest reptile Expo?

    Hi all - I'm a newbie here, have experience keeping other reptiles but am new to chameleons. Right now I'm setting up, plan on getting a juvenile veiled. I'm starting off with a med Reptibreeze w/ tray (planning on making a drain so no standing water) linear UVB fluorescent, basking lamp...
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