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  1. Qhugh14

    Chameleon digging!

    My female veiled chameleon is digging in her lay bin for the first time! Shes been super angry lately and I'm pretty sure it's because she was just gravid. I'm a combination of excited and terrified rn
  2. Qhugh14

    How to tell when gravid?

    I have a 8mo fe veiled and I was wondering what ways you can tell if your cham Is gravis. She's been showing darker colors the last couple days(don't have pic rn will add one later) but I don't see the mustard or blue colors you hear about a lot. She's still eating, actively hunting her feeders...
  3. Qhugh14

    Do i need to change anything?

    Just want to make sure my husbandry is up to par Your Chameleon - Female veiled, 8mo, had her for 4mo Handling - I almost never handle her, only when I need to take her out to deep clean her enclosure. Feeding - 4-5 Dubais and 5-6 super worms every other day. Gutloaded with carrots, chard...
  4. Qhugh14

    Persian shield?

    Are Persian Shields safe to put with a chameleon? I just bought one today and I think it would look beautiful in my enclosure.
  5. Qhugh14

    Stuck shed?

    My girl (7mo f veiled) has been in shed the last two days and everything has come off but some on her tail and a tiny piece on her leg, both in photo . Should I be worried or is it natural? how do I help her get it off? I know you should never pull on any of the skin.
  6. Qhugh14


    I need better drainage ideas. I have a drip system for my Veiled and i was wondering what you guys use to get rid of the extra water. I need ideas!
  7. Qhugh14

    Do I need a drip system?

    I have a 7mo old Fe veiled Cham and I currently have a wicking drop system, but I've noticed that as I'm putting more plants and a lay bin(very soon I need to buy sand but rn is not gravid or shopping her colors), that I don't really have room for my drainage bucket. Is spraying the enclosure...
  8. Qhugh14

    Want to build a new enclosure.

    I currently have the Zoo med enclosure and im not happy with it, too small and generally somewhat flimsy. I have a Female veiled chameleon btw who is about 7 months old. what are some good resources or supplies that you recommend
  9. Qhugh14

    Veiled Chams NEED veg?

    I've heard from many sources that veiled chams will eat greens like spinach or collard greens. Is that true from your experience and if yes is it necessary cause i already gutload all my insects with fresh veg.
  10. Qhugh14

    Chameleon spending a lot of time in bottom of enclosure.

    My baby is a 6 month old Veiled and lately I've noticed she'll travel to the bottom of her enclosure and just chill there by my water dripper collection bucket. I have a 100W basking bulb and a 5.00 UVB bulb right on top of her mesh. I notice she still will sit on the branch right bellow the...
  11. Qhugh14

    End of Veiled Chams tail got kinked.

    I noticed on my like buddy the other day that the very top of his tail (couple millimeters) had turned a light brown, almost like burlap color, and he doesn't seem to be able to bend that part of his tail anymore. Been watching it and it doesn't seem to be spreading or giving him discomfort, and...
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