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  1. aeolis23

    Hipproblem: Hipbone pointing up - Advice?

    Anyone who could give some advice about her hips? No idea how this happened and I've never seen it before. She was with the vet for 3 week while I was on holidays, and he also doesn't know what caused this. Her overall health seems to go slightly down for a while (4-5 weeks?). She's still using...
  2. aeolis23

    Retaining sperm: Mechanism and duration?

    I am wondering if anyone could explain me how the retention of male sperm works. How do females control this? How do they decide when they want to use the sperm? Moreover I am wondering how long the different species of chameleons can retain sperm. I keep R. Brevicaudatus, so if anyone knows...
  3. aeolis23

    Pygmy chameleons vs. UVB

    I keep hearing different opinions about pygmy chameleons and the necessity of providing them UVB. Some say yes, others say no. So I'm asking it again: Tell me a clear YES or NO and explain to me why. :) Any scientific proof to state your opinion would be highly appreciated!
  4. aeolis23

    Jacksonii jacksonii healthy?

    Current Problem – Recently I learned about hepatic lipidosis and now we’re starting to wonder if my friends Jackson male is fine or not (My friend is not on the forum). He recently had orange faeces (about 3 months ago), and it probably was caused by a too fatty diet. He changed his diet, and...
  5. aeolis23

    Eye problem Brevicaudatus (One eye closed, other is fine)

    Anyone who can help me with tips how to take care of her eye? Vet is already notified, but I can only make it there in 3-4 days... She has this eye problem for about 2 days now. Today I tried flushing with physiological fluid (which was almost impossible to do with her tiny eyes... so I don't...
  6. aeolis23

    Autopsy results: Hepatic lipidosis. Anyone more info?

    After my male temporalis (WC) died of illness, I brought him to the vet for an autopsy. Extra lab tests on his liver lead tot the conclusion of hepatic lipidosis which probably lead to liver failure and his death. I was wondering if someone could give me more info about this issue in chameleons...
  7. aeolis23

    Does his eye look normal? Male Brevicaudatus

    Hey, I noticed that the eye of my young male looks a bit different then with my 2 girls. I don't know if I should keep 'an eye' on 'his eye' :) or if it's normal. Anyone who has an idea? It's the front corner of his eye. Mainly his left eye, but also right. Thx
  8. aeolis23

    2 male brevicaudatus fight - Why you should not house male pygmies together.

    Last year, I bought my first chameleons at a reptile fair. The guy who sold them to me, told me I got 1.2 Brevicaudatus. Inexperienced as I still was, I couldn't recognize their sexes myself, and they were still pretty young. After a few months, I started to get used to the species and their...
  9. aeolis23

    Do you sometimes dream about chameleons?

    Tonight, I had this wonderful dream in which I unexpectedly came home with new chameleons that I find absolutely amazing. In real life, this would be impossible for me right now, but in a dream, anything is possible of course! It was a carpet chameleon and 2 acuminatus pygmies. Two species which...
  10. aeolis23

    Brevicaudatus female 1 - 6 months comparison

    Same girl, 5 months later :)
  11. aeolis23

    Where to hang hygro-thermo sensor in pygmy viv?

    I just bought a Thermo-Hygro meter (Exo-Terra - Combination Digital). Now I'm wondering where in the viv I should hang up the sensor to get the necessary info about humidity and temps. I'm guessing somewhere central in the viv where temps are the lowest (furthest away from the lights and walls...
  12. aeolis23

    2 female pygmies mating? I'm confused...

    I am utterly confused... Yesterday I introduced 2 new brevicaudatus to my female, so now they are with 1.2 in the viv. Today, I suddenly saw the two females in mating position. First I doubted my vision, but 10 minutes later, they were in the same position again, and then I clearly saw it were...
  13. aeolis23

    Different species pygmy together in one viv?

    I was talking to a friend about chameleons and we came to the subject of putting 2 different species of pygmies in the same viv. I told him that's not recommended, but when he insisted for arguments I realised I actually did 't know any valid argument. Anyone who knows why specifically this is...
  14. aeolis23

    What are all the ingrediënts of powder supplement for?

    Hey People are often talking about the D3 or the phosphor or the beta carotene or whatever in powder supplements. I never have any clue why this is all so important, so now I just want to know for everything in the box what it is for. What happens when they have lack of it? What happens...
  15. aeolis23

    Need help for ill pygmy. Antibiotics don't help, swollen paw, now also swollen neck.

    The Problem – I bought my chameleons on 27/09/2015 at a reptile fair in Belgium (first picture is taking on my way home). I saw the male’s paw was swollen but bought him anyway and went to the vet with him. I was concerned about it being gout or an infection. Verdict from the vet: * IN...
  16. aeolis23

    Blue vs. red gums ?

    Hi I am keeping pygmy chameleons at home, and I noticed that sometimes their gums are blue and sometimes pink/red. I didn't notice if it differs intra-individual or inter-individual, as it's been a long time since I noticed the blue mouth with another pygmy than the one I saw now with the...
  17. aeolis23

    Rampholeon acuminatus most endangered pygmy?

    I'm absolutely in love with R. acuminatus, and would just love to keep some! But is it true that this is one of the most endangered species in nature of all pygmus that are circulating on the market?
  18. aeolis23

    Swollen paw

    Current problem: Today I bought a temporalis male (wc, adult) with an injured/swollen paw. So next step: fix it. Anyone with similar experiences? Vet appointment is only later this week, but while doing research, I'm starting to get the feeling this might be an urgent issue... Chameleon...
  19. aeolis23

    How often does a pygmy shed?

    I was wondering how many times your pygmy chameleon has shed in his/her life. If still alive, how old is he/she now? And what kind of pygmy are you talking about? Anyone who can tell me the age at which point they shed? (I know shedding is size related, but just to get an idea)
  20. aeolis23

    Red spots in urate

    I have Rampholeon Brevicaudatus chameleons. This urate I found in my enclosure this morning, and it's either from the boy or the girl, but I don't know. It's the first time I see these red spots in the urate. For the rest the urate was white. It worries me because it are clearely 'spots' or...
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