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  1. RyanBRZ

    Feeding dubia's from a colony

    For those that have a colony, how do you gutload and feed your roaches off to your chameleon? My entire colony always has access to this roach chow and I throw in random fruits and veggies, and water crystals for hydration. I saw some posts/videos where some create ice cubes of all types of...
  2. RyanBRZ

    Panther male, slightly sluggish, sometimes misses branch with rear legs

    Chameleon Info: •Your Chameleon - Ambilobe Panther, male, 1 year old. Have had him for 9 months. •Handling - Once or twice a week, only when he asks to be taken out. •Feeding - I provide 15 or so BSFL's daily, I now also offer him superworms only a few times a week. He was on a superworm-only...
  3. RyanBRZ

    BSFL gutload and feeding

    I know you do not need to gut load these but I figured it couldn't hurt to let them munch on some bug burger prior to feeding. I found that this presents moisture which allows them to climb the walls of the feeding cup. Does anyone else gut load and have a means of preventing them from escaping...
  4. RyanBRZ

    Dusting BSFL's

    I'm on my 3rd type of insect trying to break my annoying chameleon from superworms...BSFL's. He has always eaten them in the past and I think it's my only hope. I have been dusting crickets/dubia's/supers with Repashy Calcium Plus LoD but what I've read is you should not dust BSFL's with calcium...
  5. RyanBRZ

    Blue is darker on back

    Hey guys, just wondering if anything is wrong with my boy. His blue stripes above his white bar are partially brown. Is this a vitamin deficiency or any issue I should be concerned with?
  6. RyanBRZ

    US Closed: Dubia Roach Colony & Setup For Sale - Located in NJ

    My colony is flourishing and my cham stopped eating them so I need to unload some for cheap. I have all sizes. Located in NJ, can send through mail or meet. Edit: Looking to sell everything, see this post Edit: Decided to keep this colony
  7. RyanBRZ

    Free ranging dubia's

    Is it possible? My boy seems to only eat a dubia if he finds one walking across the screen. Do dubia ever wander around or do they find a spot and stay there until they die? I have a ton of well fed dubia's that I'd love to feed off but container feeding doesn't work. Chameleons are annoying.
  8. RyanBRZ

    Adult dubias

    Can a near-adult panther chameleon take down a full grown dubia? My cham has refused to eat dubias for the past few months and my colony is flourishing so I need to get rid of some of the adults. Thinking of introducing him to an adult as he has only ate nymphs in the past.
  9. RyanBRZ

    Dubia feeding tactics

    When I first got my chameleon his main feeder was dubia's, he used to go through 15-20 a day. I would put them in a container with a side cut out which had a piece of screen that the roaches would hang out on. He would wake up, go directly to this and feed away, every day, it was great. I...
  10. RyanBRZ

    Chameleon goes crazy sometimes

    I've seen my chameleon go crazy 2 or 3 times in the past 2 weeks or so. Out of no where he puffs up and moves quickly around the top of his cage, as if something is threatening him. Tonight he wouldn't stop so I shut down his lights for 5 minutes and that settled him down. Is this maybe a mating...
  11. RyanBRZ

    Angry when hungry?

    I recently started feeding my cham superworms, it began with throwing 2-3 small ones in his food dish along with dubia roaches in the morning. Prior to starting superworms, he would always clear out every dubia from his feeder cup. Gradually he stopped going after dubia roaches while I noticed...
  12. RyanBRZ

    Mounting lights on top of a ReptiBreeze (or any screen) cage

    What do you guys do to mount your lights on top of this cage (or any screen cage)? One of my lights is a little too warm to rest on top of the screen (not for the screen itself, for the animal) so I need to elevate it a bit. I was planning on building a wood frame for the top but wanted to see...
  13. RyanBRZ

    Fake tree to hang out on

    Has anyone bought or created a fake tree to let their chameleon hang out on? I am thinking of finding a trunk of some type with a 2-3" diameter and drill 1/2"-3/4" holes and hot glue bamboo stakes in as branches, and then add fake leaves.
  14. RyanBRZ

    Umbrella plant losing leaves like crazy on back side (schefflera arboricola)

    I've had the plant for around a month now and while the entire front and top are holding up, the back side that is facing the wall and under the shade of my pothos plants has lost almost all leaves. Do you think it's still in shock from the re-pot done when I first received the plant? or is the...
  15. RyanBRZ

    Any way to tell if UVB Bulb is used

    Hello, I recently ordered a ZooMed Repti-Sun hood for a ReptiSun UVB 5.0 bulb which I purchased separately, both from Amazon. When I received the hood, the box had a sticker on it saying that it came with a free 5.0 bulb which I was not aware of when ordering. In the hood package there were no...
  16. RyanBRZ

    Setting up enclosure framework

    I just bought my first round of supplies to setup my XL ZooMed reptibreeze. For the framework within, I was hoping to make a frame inside out of bamboo--I bought 30 or so 4-foot pieces of bamboo for this. I cut all of the pieces to fit (4 for each corner, 8 to attach each of the for at both the...
  17. RyanBRZ

    Prepping to get my first chameleon

    I have been wanting a chameleon for years and decided to finally go for it. I have owned and bred leopard geckos in the past and also had an iguana as a kid. I've been lurking for a few days now as I have been trying to understand everything I'll need for a chameleon. I'm planning on going with...
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