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    Sick Chameleon

    Hey all, I have a big problem here. My 2 year old Veiled Chameleon is starving to death. The reason being he cannot see (as his eyes are closed) and so cannot hunt the food I provide for him, I have tried fruitlessly to find out whats causing this but to no avail. If anyone can venture...
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    Cleaning Tanks?

    Hey all, I have a veiled chameleon residing in a tank located in my bedroom. Its great being able to watch him from the comfort of my room but there is one drawback...His tank stinks..I mean this is gagging eye watering stuff. I clean his tank weekly by washing the mat, his perches plants...
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    Chameleon Troubles

    Hi all, I have a problem with my Chameleon. He is an 18 month old male veiled chameleon. Recently the power blew out and the heat lamp and the uv light blew out. I was away and had no chance to replace the lights. The chameleon went for 4 days without the heat lamp and uv light. I recently...
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