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  1. Dave Weldon

    Spider Photo

    Howdy All, This morning's macro. I didn't put "Orb Weaver Spider" in the title since I can't change it if I'm wrong :o. You should see it when he turns on those strings of lights at night :).
  2. Dave Weldon

    Mantis Munching on Dubia

    Howdy All, As my wife and I drove away from a birthday party late last night, she exclaimed that there's a giant ant on the windshield! :D. I pulled over and scooped him into a large cup. We had a nice photo session today for which I rewarded him with a couple of my hand-raised blaptica...
  3. Dave Weldon

    Macleay's Spectre Stick Insect

    Howdy All, I borrowed this Macleay's Spectre Stick Insect from CF member "Ponders" for a little photo shoot. Still working on getting the lighting a bit more diffuse. I'm using a Canon 430EX and 580EXII with Rogue and Fotodiox modifiers. Canon 5DIII, 100L macro, f/14 ISO100 160th. (He's...
  4. Dave Weldon

    Indian Stick Insect

    Howdy All, Keeping two of these Indian Stick Insects (body is 3-4" long) from a friend of a friend who raises them. I set up a terrarium with sticks for the Sticks along with a constant supply of fresh rose leaves and the occasional misting. They seem to be eating ok. They are noctornal so...
  5. Dave Weldon

    Carnvirorus Pitcher Plant

    Howdy All, "Ponders" loaned me her Pitcher Plant for a photo session today :). Canon DSLR 5D3 100L Macro lens + 36mm Kenko extension 430EX + 580EXII Strobes. Shot at 1/100 f/16 ISO 100. The final was made from a 7 shot "Focus Stack" using the freebie "CombineZP" software tool. 2" long...
  6. Dave Weldon

    Sundew Carnivorous Plant Photos

    Howdy All, "Ponders" loaned me one of her sticky Sundew Carnivorous Plants. I shot this yesterday using my Canon 5D3, 100L macro with full set of Kenko extension tubes and a couple of flashes. There was a black background a few feet on the other side of the plant. Documented using...
  7. Dave Weldon

    Orchid Mantid

    Howdy All, Ponders let her Orchid Mantid vist with me for a photo shoot :). Canon 5D MIII with the 100L Macro lens along with a full set of Kenko extensions. f/13, 1/60th, ISO 400. I used two wireless external flash units with some simple light modifiers to soften the light. I used...
  8. Dave Weldon

    Argentine Ants in the Backyard... and everywhere else...

    Howdy, Canon T2i, 100mm-L, Full Stack Set of Kenko Extension Tubes, 1/200th, f/8, ISO 100, remote 580EXII @ 1/32 power+mini-softbox. These are the tiny "black ants" that are often found raiding kitchens. I recently listened to a Radiolab podcast about a colony in California that is 600...
  9. Dave Weldon

    Quadricornis at ~7 weeks

    Howdy, I had a chance to take a photo of Ponders' quad today. He(?) was being a little shy and held back some of his green :o. Canon T2i DSLR, 100mm L Macro lens, 580exII flash with small Rogue Flash Bender light modifier. See Ya, Dave
  10. Dave Weldon

    My Latest Hummingbird Photo :-)

    Howdy All, Here’s a shot I took last weekend of a hummingbird feeding her chicks. The nest is located along a narrow, shady walkway on the side of my neighbor’s house :). Canon T2i DSLR, 70-200mm MII lens set to 200mm, f/16 and manually pre-focused. A remote flash set to ½ power and...
  11. Dave Weldon

    July 31st (Sunday!) At the Brea Location for the South Bay Chameleon Keepers Meeting

    Howdy All, (Haven’t been to one of our free meetings yet? What are you waiting for!) This month’s meeting will take place in Brea, CA at Kevin Zamp’s apartment complex’s clubhouse but this time it’ll be on a SUNDAY. We won’t be doing the full production BBQ like last time but you are...
  12. Dave Weldon

    25th (Saturday!) New Location this Month for the South Bay Chameleon Keepers Meet

    Howdy All, This month’s invite is going out a few days early since we’re having the meeting a few days early. (Haven’t been to one of our free meetings yet? What are you waiting for!) June 25th! Saturday! New Location! This month’s meeting will take place in Brea, CA at...
  13. Dave Weldon

    Hummingbird - Slow Motion Audio/Video (Neat Sounds!)

    Howdy All, Here's a short clip that I made where the normal hummingbird chirping sounds are slowed down to reveal the details within the individual chirps. There is a "Nature" series program on PBS that demonstrates the hummingbird's ability to create a chirp-like sound by whipping their...
  14. Dave Weldon

    May 31st (Tues) South Bay Chameleon Keepers Meeting

    Howdy All, The invite is going out a week early since I'll be offline next week! The meeting is still on the last Tuesday of the month. (Haven’t been to one of our free meetings yet? What are you waiting for!) 7:30pm-8pm.........Meet and Greet 8pm-~9pm...........Roundtable...
  15. Dave Weldon

    Hummingbirds - Video This Time :-)

    Howdy All, More Hummingbird stuff, but this time I'm playing with the video capabilities of my Canon T2i DSLR along with the 70-200mm telephoto lens. In order to capture the wing sounds, I used my Tascam DR-07 digital audio recorder stuck on a branch near the feeder and then sync'd it to the...
  16. Dave Weldon

    Hummingbird Photo

    Howdy All, I've been playing with snapping shots of hummingbirds in my backyard. Still working to get one in perfect focus :o.
  17. Dave Weldon

    April 26th (Tues) South Bay Chameleon Keepers Meeting

    Howdy All, (Haven’t been to one of our free meetings yet? What are you waiting for!) 7:30pm-8pm.........Meet and Greet 8pm-~9pm...........Roundtable Discussion // Show & Tell 9pm-9:30pm.........Feeder co-op sale and distribution 9:30pm.................Meeting Wrap-up *******...
  18. Dave Weldon

    Monarch Butterfly Metamorphosis Video

    Howdy All, I thought that the filmmaker did a great job with this metamorphosis video and I wanted to share it: She also did the "good one" chameleon video that I posted earlier.
  19. Dave Weldon

    A Selection of Chameleon-related Videos on Vimeo

    Howdy, A few more videos from the Vimeo site with chameleons somewhere in them :). A more traditional chameleon video but with an artsy twist :): The whole video is great! The chameleon shows-up at about halfway point:
  20. Dave Weldon

    Another Commercial with Chameleons...

    Howdy All, If they can put out a commercial showing chameleons changing colors to match doors; maybe someone will make a video showing how doors attack fingers :rolleyes:. Here's one with some pretty funny effects :):
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