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  1. Robobob

    Any final suggestions?

    So unfortunately and with much sadness i have come to the decision that i might have to put my panther chameleon up for adoption since i cant seem to find a solution to he's bad habits involving his eating habbits. Since the day i got him about 6 months ago he has always been a picky eater. I...
  2. Robobob

    Strange looking poop

    This morning when i went to check on my panther his feces looked really strange, almost look he didnt digest his food properly id say? Anyone seen anything like it before? Apart from that he seems healthy
  3. Robobob

    Chameleon started acting weird around feeders

    So last 4-5 times my panther chameleon has been getting very picky with his food for some reason, he refuses to eat anything with the exception of a few superworms a day. He's still drinking and all but if i dont feed him the superworms like i have the last few days he starts eating the interior...
  4. Robobob

    Thoughts on switching diet

    So since i first got my panther chameleon i've been giving him a diet consisting of crickets and occasionally some superworms/silkworms. While i think they are a good source of food, i've been having some problems with them. I keep my terrarium in my bedroom and the chirping noise they make is...
  5. Robobob

    My first cham enclosure build

    Hello guys、 New owner of my first chameleon here! I just got my eyes on this hobby after moving to a new town and coming across a reseller. I bought my nosy be Marty the other day and i just finished building my first enclosure after some research、 please take a look and share your comments...
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