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  1. djdanny402

    I believe I have a female ?

    So recently I've been thinking I have a female. Not quite sure but the colors lead me to believe. It was sold as a male but I'm sure it's quite hard to tell early on. Anyone can tell for sure?
  2. djdanny402

    Help! Black mark on upper lip of panther

    So I came home today to my panther rex and noticed he has the black spot I haven't seen before! Anyone know what this is? I don't belive it's mouth rot but I'm not sure? Help!
  3. djdanny402


    so Ive been searching around a little and haven't come across to much, But has anyone taken there buddy to the beach? In the north east , the summer season is quickly aproaching, and I'm a complete beach bum on nice days! I would hate to leave my lil guy inside while I soak up the rays! For...
  4. djdanny402


    So as of late I've been adding foliage to my chameleon , Rex,s cage. I wanted to add my branches and perching areas for him as well. I was curious as Ive seen people use wooden rods or dowels to go across as perches and such, any one know where to find them? also any other cool ideas? I...
  5. djdanny402

    Updated cage for Rex!

    So I decided to make some changes and add a bit to Rex's cage today! He had his first shed the other day and seems to be doing well. I picked him up around the beginning of the year as a new born. Let me know what ya think!
  6. djdanny402

    Hello all!

    Hello and happy new year all! I'm the prod new owner of a baby panther chamelian named Rex that was a Christmas present from my wife. Just wanted to say hello and look forward to conversing with all! Any good tips for a newb? So far we brought him home 2 days ago Hes drinking and eating and...
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