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    Show me how you hang your lights

    I have two dome fixtures and one 24" T5. I don't want them resting on the screen. I have a couple ideas for building a fixture to hang them all from but I would like to see what others have done. The enclosure is in a corner where I can mount hooks or other fixtures from the ceiling or wall if I...
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    Veiled breeders in Indiana?

    Any breeders of veileds around Central Indiana? I will be looking for in soon and I would like to support local breeders of possible. Also if you are in a neighboring state I am willing to make a trip. Thanks!
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    DIY "dragon ledges"

    Has anyone here done DIY dragon ledges? I have seen some made out of wood but I was thinking a waterproof material would be better. I want more than 5 ledges but I don't want to spend $100 from dragon strand. I have any tools I would need, just not sure of a good material other than wood.
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    Advice please for first chameleon

    I am looking at getting my first chameleon and it will be my first reptile pet. I have been researching chameleon care the past couple months and now I want some input straight from the experienced keepers. I will be setting up my enclosure for a while before getting the chameleon to make sure...
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