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  1. Thechameleondude

    Meet Morpheis!

    Here's my little cham Morpheis :D Please disgard the music if you don't like it...........was better than the background noise :)
  2. Thechameleondude

    My Veiled Chameleon

    Hey, guys thought you would like to see my baby veiled :) he's going into a growth spurt and will hopefully be a juvie soon :D. Oh and don't regard the heavy breathing that was me :rolleyes: trying to be quite. Btw what vitamins can you mix in with a spray bottle? I heard that gatorade is...
  3. Thechameleondude

    How to culture fruit-flys

    I have collected info on how to culture fruit-flys. :) This is an excellent food source for baby chameleons! All credit goes to Marty of the Geckos...
  4. Thechameleondude

    Repticon showing right now in Florida! As you can see in the above link today and tomorrow Repticon is showing in Florida and other locations! So go get some herps :D
  5. Thechameleondude

    Quick egg question

    After the female chameleon has laid her eggs is it ok to leave them buried in the dirt during the incubation process. If using an incubator such as this one?
  6. Thechameleondude

    Me getting started

    Hello, I am new to this forum and relatively new to the chameleon hobby. :) At the current time I have a veiled chameleon male that I have raised since the age of 2 months old that is now 2 years old! I've been hopeing to expand my interest in this hobby and have decided to dedicate the time and...
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