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    More Dogs

    I am pet sitting my daughters bull dog he looks just like yours. He is a sweetheart. I call him my 4 legged grandchild. She named him Frog.He is about 5 years old.
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    llreptile My husband and I buy reptile supplies from them all the time. We also have never bought a reptile from them. They have pretty good service for the supplies.
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    baby westie

    Duff had his surgery Wed July 18th and it was successful. I can take him home Friday.The Texas A and M people were so nice . I highly reccomend them if anyone has to have a major medical procedure or surgery for their pet.
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    cricket ordering

    I have used Ghanns cricket farm and the and the cricketfactory both only charge $10 per 1000. The cricket factory you have to buy at least 5000 to get it for that price. If you do not want that many it is only $10.50 per 1000. They also...
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    Raising domesticated crickets

    I have only manage to breed crickets one time. I used the article from chameleon news by Don Wells that was mentioned in the previous post. When I was finally successful it looked like I had a bunch of little ants.My husband thought I was weird because I emailed him to let him know I finally had...
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    Veiled eggs MOLD

    If you do not have a lid for the container I would keep it covered up. I use a shoesize rubbermaid container and I put 2 pinholes in it. I used perlite and vermiculite mix equal portions and moisten the water only until it clumps together. Once a week I would take the lid off and move it over...
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    Veiled eggs MOLD

    You really do not need an incubator. Room temp. in your closet they will do nicely. Go to it has some useful information on taking care of your eggs and a nursery section after they are hatched.
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    Veiled eggs MOLD

    They will spoil if the temps. are too high. I have hatched 6 clutches and one incubating now. I keep them in my closet with the temps. 72 to 78. The lower end seems better. Do not wet the eggs that will cause them to mildew also. When the substrate needs to be moistened I use an eye dropper and...
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    baby westie

    The breeder knows about the problem and she said none of the others have the condition. Strange she said they were all checked about by a vet when they were born. My vet said it is genetice and Duff should not breed. I told him we only purchase our dogs for pets.
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    Hi Im new to this and dont know what to believe!

    I handle my veileds everytime I clean the cage. I was only bit one time when I took my Daddy to a reptile show and he was a little stressed out. You have to be able to handle them to take them out to clean the cage. My panthers will get right on my arm just put the back of your hand against them...
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    Hyrdo - My little baby's in heaven

    I lost my first veiled to mbd. The breeder did not explain to me the importance of uvb lights. He was only 6 months. I researched before I bought anymore. I have succesfully hatched 6 clutches and one incubating now. I send a care sheet with the babies to their new home so the new owners will...
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    gutloading crickets

    I gutload for a dry recipe powered milk wheatbran baby rice ceral or any baby cereal oatmeal and coconut. You can also add sunflower seeds. Mix in blender. They really love the coconut. One day I mixed some without coconut they did not eat it as well.
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    meal worms for my panther???

    I feed my veileds and panthers mealworms when I am low on crickets. The crickets you can gutload. I feed the mealworms wheat bran as their bedding potatoes and carrots. Does anyone know a gutload for mealworms?
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    baby westie

    I heard back from Texas A and M today. They will look at Duff with a refferal from my vet. I feel very confident letting them do the surgery because they are suppose to be one of the best vet schools in the nation. Texas A and M is about 3 hours from our house.
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    first veiled hatched

    When you get all the hatchlings in the cage be sure and be very careful when you open the door and shut it back. My first hatchlings I accidently caught his leg in the door because I did not see him and I lost him. I felt terrible about it but after that I was very careful and looked real good...
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    baby westie

    My husband bought me a baby westie for my birthday. He was born March 19th. I took him for his 9 weeks shot and found out he has a pda heart mumur. They get these at birth. They can operate but it is very expensive. I took him to another vet today and diagnosed him with the same thing. He said...
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    Lots of questions...especially concerning lighting!

    He is adorable. They are so cute when they are babies.
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    Probably a stupid question, but....

    Dragon Breeder that was so funny about the flies. I have never have that happened, but I have had crickets escape in my garage when I am transferring them from the box to the aquarium. I do not think I have ever been successful with out escapees.
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    Cricket farmers where do you keep them?

    cricket farmers where do you keep them I live in Texas . I buy 5000 at a time . We have our chameleons set upstairs it stays about 78 degrees. I have a stand that hold 3 15 gallon fish aquariums with a screened top. I put about 1000 to 1500 in each one. They live about 2 months. I buy the 1/4...
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    first veiled hatched

    My first baby veiled hatchlings I was so excited. They did not eat for a couple of days. I started them off on fruit flies then I I put them on 1/8 inch crickets. To mist them I used a very fine mist and mist through the screen and the leaves be careful not to mist the hatchling or they can...
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