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    Good T5 fixture?

    Hey forum people can anyone recommended me a t5 fixture and a dual t5? Not looking to spend a fortune though!
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    Reptisun or Arcadia

    Hey guys just looking for other opinions on who makes a better uvb bulb for t5. Any preferences?
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    new baby leopard gecko help please

    i would feed them in separate containers because one will be food dominant. if the shy one seems to not eat more then i would recommend separating them
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    For People with multiple reptiles!

    i have not but am going to try! im only going to use this during the winter because i shut my lights off in the summer and replace them with low watt bulbs because it is hot in the summer.
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    For People with multiple reptiles!

    hey chameleon forum this goes out to people with multiple reptiles whose electric bills are sky high. i have 7 reptile all using 75 watt heat bulbs and 15 watt uv lights. it is expensive to keep all these but i do anyway because i love my reptiles dearly. BUT i have discovered a new way to heat...
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    Best Way to heat?

    i have 7 reptiles all with 75 watt bulb on them for heat. is there a better way to heat reptiles with lower watts? i was looking into the big flood light like for a garage?
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    Cheapest place to get crickets online

    what website sells 1000 crickets at 3/8 inch or 1/2 the cheapest including shipping?
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    High Protein

    what dry food has high protein for my roaches? i know beans do but anything else besides dog/cat food?
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    Roach Chow Recipes?

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    Time for a new Gutload!!

    hey you mind if i use your recipe? haha i've been looking for good "ingredients" to make my own! and what is in the top right of the pic above wheat germ?
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    Roach Chow Recipes?

    i want to start making my own roach chow recipe any suggestions? my plan so far is white rice, dry yeast, plain oatmeal, beans (maybe black), coconut flakes (for flavor), orange juice powder and a little bit of cheerios, all of this will be grounded up into a powder. any other suggestions?
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    Need a New Breeding Bug

    how do you breed the grove snails? and what about the ramshorn snails are those good? and what is the nutritional value of them?
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    Need a New Breeding Bug

    i have dubias but i want a new bug besides roaches and worms. but yeah i'll look into those!
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    Need a New Breeding Bug

    i am looking for another type of big to breed to feed to all my friends. i have roaches but im looking for something different. not worms or crickets. something the size of a cricket, easy and fast to breed, and no smell. any suggestions??
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    Crickets in Bulk?

    Thank you! yeah me too i'm spending about $25 a week on crickets! ok i'll check out that website too, thanks!
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    Crickets in Bulk?

    i have never bought crickets online but only at my local pet store. because I have multiple reptiles now it's starting to get pricey. is buying online reliable as in will i get most of them alive and is it worth the money? also where is the best deal for 500-1000ct 1/2" crickets? Thanks!
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    Water Supplements

    Is it bad to use water treatment for fish to get rid of chlorine etc. for reptiles?
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    Wanted: Adult Turkistan Roaches

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    Wanted: Adult Turkistan Roaches

    i am looking for about 200-300 adult turkistan roaches anyone have any?
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    Calcium Question

    can you use cuddle bones for birds as reptile's calcium? because i was told it is pure calcium?
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