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    New Johnstonii

    What's the expected hatch date?
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    Too Much Foliage?

    It's on Flchams safe list. I assume thats considered a universal list for different species of Chams
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    Stopped Eating - Seems Lethargic

    It's going to climb on the screen for the next 10+ months, easily. Get used to it ;) Also, you need more consistent basking temps. I would say anything over 82-83 will probably be too hot for a guy that small, 90 would be roasting him. Keep in mind that UVB only reaches about 12 inches or so...
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    My chameleon is laying sideways on a branch

    Looks like either rubbing of the eye or what I call "Solar Panel Basking." My Veiled does it. He puffs up a bit and turns side ways, exposing a larger surface area to the light/heat. Though, I would say that your guy/girl is rubbing their eye. My Jax does the same thing, same position and all.
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    Too Much Foliage?

    Sorry for the extremely brief post, but I don't have much time now'a days for perusing the forums like I want to. Anyways, I recently put in a Lilac for my Veiled as the Pothos I had been using wasn't working out for various reasons. Now, I am just worried that it is a bit much foliage even...
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    Considering 60w incandescent bulbs are no longer being stocked on US shelves, this may be a bit hard for some. The 75w LED bulbs are supposed to give off the same amount of heat but I have yet to personally test this.
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    Pictures. Senior members help pls.

    First off, I am sorry to hear about your Cham and am glad to know she is recovering. I have a female Jax who got a tongue injury around a month or so ago and lost the ability to shoot it with any real force. But now she seems to have most if not all functionality back, though she still...
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    male cham's appendage not retracting

    Could it be a worm that has made it most the way out the GI tract?
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    Chameleon vomiting.

    I'm glad to hear that she is looking a bit better. As for the medicine, I am not comfortable making any recommendations. It could be the medicine that made her sick, hard to say for sure. I have a Jackson who is a stubborn drinker, so I hung a fake plant from the top screen right above...
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    How do I get him mouth to say open?

    Further research is needed. o.0 *Begins rubbing my Veiled's head monotonously*
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    Chameleon vomiting.

    Glad to hear you have a new setup on the way. Raising/lowering the lights from the top of the enclosure is a good way to adjust temps. If you think the traffic during those times is stressing her out then you may try putting a cover over her enclosure (preferably 3 sides covered, 1 open, top...
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    How do I get him mouth to say open?

    I have a ~6 month old Veiled who has done the same thing for me when I wanted to check his tongue/mouth for injury. I just kinda tapped/set my index finger on his forehead between his eyes and he just opened his mouth right up. He is also an extremely docile and friendly Chameleon who has never...
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    Chameleon vomiting.

    I would look to get her to a vet ASAP if you are in a position to do so. I normally am one to hold off on vet visits until I am sure that something is wrong that is beyond food/hydration/enclosure. My critiques on your husbandry are in red. As of your care, her basking temp is to low and...
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    MBD metabolic bone disease

    The damage done can be reversed to some degree, but it will never fully heal as if it hadn't happened.
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    Giant veiled at repticon made me feel inferior about mine

    The Veileds you saw at the convention would be a pretty average male from the sounds of it. They typically sit between 250-350g. With that being said, your guy could just be on the runtier side of things. I too, have a Veiled who is currently about 6 mo. old and I don't expect him to get to be...
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    Is this normal?

    She might be gravid, but I am very unfamiliar with female Chameleons. Do you have an egg laying bin available?
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    12 week male veiled health question

    My little Veiled seems to yawn each morning at least once while waking up (within 5-10 minutes of me turning on the lights). Then, he has a way of "working" his skin through a series of stretches he does (Opening his mouth wide like a yawn and wriggling his body side to side like a snake or just...
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    help sick veiled chameleon

    You give up when you can no longer help them, which is where you seem to be at.
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    help sick veiled chameleon

    You CAN'T and WON'T save it's life alone. If you continue to let this animal live under these conditions then you are doing nothing but making it suffer.
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    Luring a chameleon

    I was thinking the same thing reading through the OP. I was picturing one of my guys falling and "crashing" through the 3mm thick poster board I have at the bottom then coming home and finding a chameleon shaped hole with all 4 legs and tail spread eagle like in Looney Toons.
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