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    DIY cage

    I want to transform my old plant cabinet into my chameleons new home I will take all the glass off and put screen for him I don’t know if I should add some ledges for his cup feeder and some plants. But I’m wondering if this will be big enough for him it’s 6ft tall. Thats the cabinet and my...
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    My first chameleon!

    Yes I try my best to keep it like that!!
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    My first chameleon!

    Yes he is 4 months and I just got him shipped to me that’s what the breeder was doing so I was trying to stay on the same misting system but I just feel like I should be going long that’s why I wanted to ask!
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    My first chameleon!

    I just got my little guy! Everything set up I just had one question how long are u guys misting for? My humidity is 60% in the day time and around 70% at night I just want to make sure he’s getting enough water I’m misting for 2 mins twice daily. Photo of my little guy and we are calling him...
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