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  1. radstusky

    Sunken eyes and lumps/bumps?

    Ask your vet about treating with allopurinol. I'm actually dealing with the same thing with my chameleon right now and that is what she prescribed. Also, she wants me to switch to mealworms temporarily, because they're low in purines, which are a group of amino acids that get broken down to uric...
  2. radstusky

    New cage build

    The chameleon has no contact to it, so I'm sure it's fine.
  3. radstusky

    New cage build

    I haven't posted here in quite some time, but I want to share some pics of my new cage build. I did some research here on the forums to get some ideas. It's a regular 2'x2'x4' to replace an older larger cage that has seen better days. I like to place the cage on top of a planter so that it's an...
  4. Vincent


    T. quadricornis gracilior
  5. radstusky

    Parsons chameleon

    He (or she, still not 100% sure) is doing great. He stopped being green a while ago and is now up to 50 grams.
  6. radstusky

    2021 Chameleon Calendar

    I noticed that you can't upload images at full resolution using the upload link because it says they're too big. In this case is it better to email them?
  7. radstusky

    Help please chameleon may be on the verge of death

    You should be able to save him. As others have said, you should replace the dead plants and get a lot more plants in there. Pothos are always a good option as they are easy to keep alive and can fill up the cage fairly quickly. Also for supplementation, I believe that Repashy calcium plus is a...
  8. I'm green and I know it

    I'm green and I know it

    Parson's chameleon, sex unknown.
  9. Samson


    White lipped Parson's chameleon!
  10. radstusky

    Mantis Shrimp??

    Years ago, I brought one back from Florida and put it in an aquarium with a whole bunch of other stuff I brought back, including a sargassum fish. One day I came home and noticed water was leaking all over the place and the tank was cracked. I believe it was from the mantid shrimp striking the...
  11. radstusky

    Parsons chameleon

    I got my OE form Nicky at Planet Parsonii and I'm very happy with his (or her) development so far!
  12. radstusky

    Cross panthers and who loves them!

    Yes, you can find a lot of pics here: and here:
  13. radstusky

    Cross panthers and who loves them!

    I had a panther/oustalet hybrid a few years ago and he was awesome! Unfornately he got an infection of some sort and passed away before he reached adulthood. I'm still a bit heartbroken about that loss! :(
  14. radstusky

    Is it normal for a casque to be this fat?

    He looks well fed to me! Nice looking Mitsio.
  15. radstusky

    Ozzy a panther/oustalet hybrid- How big will he get?

    It's hard to know for sure, but I do not believe there was anything physically wrong with him. Often hybrids can be stronger than the two species that they are a hybrid of. In the case of Ozzy, I think he just had a bad case of parasites that he couldn't beat. It was also my fault for not...
  16. radstusky

    Humidifier Head Loss?

    I do it that way. I have a cool mist humidifier and pipe it up to the enclosure and it works great.
  17. radstusky

    Way too many dubia!

    I have this problem all the time. I've sent some off to a supplier once, and I've taken them to a couple of local pet stores. Problem is that now those stores have their own colonies so they don't need them the next time around. You can slow them down by keeping their temps a bit lower or not...
  18. radstusky

    The Yellow-lip Parson's are starting to hatch...

    Hey congrats Sam! and Happy Thanksgiving as well!
  19. radstusky

    New Baby Melleri

    @jpowell86 Let me know if you still have any for sale!
  20. radstusky

    New parsonii

    He looks great, congrats! Is he an orange eye?
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