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  1. Baby panther

    Baby panther

    My baby before all his colors appeared.
  2. Ben

    Comment by 'Ben' in media 'Receptive Miss Bella standing ground'

    Great picture! The focus is incredible!
  3. Baby Panther

    Baby Panther

    My panther baby soon after birth.
  4. Ben

    Comment by 'Ben' in media 'Strength and Glory'

    Great image!
  5. Ben

    Comment by 'Ben' in media 'Gilligan'

    Nice shot!
  6. Ben

    Comment by 'Ben' in media 'Big Angar'

  7. Ben

    Comment by 'Ben' in media 'Happy New Year from Jojo da Chameleon!'

    Love these little Jackson’s.
  8. Ben

    Comment by 'Ben' in media 'Looking up'

    Great looking chameleon!
  9. Baby Panthers

    Baby Panthers

    A few weeks after hatching.
  10. Perfect Aim

    Perfect Aim

    My young veiled holding on with back legs. She stretched forward to make the shot.
  11. Ben

    Comment by 'Ben' in media 'Panther Twist'

    Yeah I didn’t realize how twisted he was till after I took it!
  12. Ben

    US Panther chameleons and baby veileds available. Local pickup/delivery only (Western MA)

    PS. Local delivery could be almost anywhere in New England, possibly further if drivable in a day or you can pick up. Could possibly ship to hub city but prefer not to do so. Additional pics of two male adult panthers that are available. Both are super friendly. Large cage(s), plants, lights...
  13. Panther Twist

    Panther Twist

  14. Ben

    2023 Chameleon Calendar

    I’ve taken almost all of mine using various iPhones.
  15. Panther Surprise

    Panther Surprise

    My panther showing an unusual flash of orange.
  16. Ben

    Comment by 'Ben' in media 'I'm already smiling. It's the best I can do!'

    Incredible colors, great focus!
  17. Baby on the Run

    Baby on the Run

    Baby panther changing branches in a hurry.
  18. Ben

    2022 Video Contest

    My Jacksons used to do a similar head movement around food. Ive never seen any other species do that (around food).
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