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    We just noticed a small bump on the left side of our chameleon, and also some sort of bumps/growths on the top of his crest. We didn't notice this just yesterday, it's like it happened over night?!? Some advice about what could cause this and how to fix it is much appreciated.:confused:

    Some questions about food...

    Thanks Brad...I'm going to check out that site.

    Breeding Dubia Roaches

    Can the roaches completely replace crickets? Everyone makes this sound so easy, but something about the sound of hundreds of roaches freaks me out! But, I'm also not completely comfortable with the crickets yet either. (Little bug phobia here!!)

    Some questions about food...

    Thanks for all the suggestions!! Does anyone know where I can get superworms?

    Some questions about food...

    I'm curious about a couple things regarding my chameleon's feeding... 1. Is it a bad idea to feed chameleons mealworms? We feed our chameleon mealworms every now & then for a snack but I was recently told that I shouldn't feed him mealworms because they have an exo-skeleton that is too hard...

    First Chameleon!

    Wow! One month old! My boyfriend & I got my first (his third) chameleon about 4 months ago and the breeder we bought him from brought two chameleons to show us: one was a 1 month old and the other was a 3 month old. I loved the 1 month old because it was so cute and tiny, but the breeder...
  7. Member Album by JMBNRC

    Member Album by JMBNRC

  8. Smiegel


    Smiegel in his old cage

    Moved my chameleon to a new cage...HELP!

    Thanks Brad! I was thinking before we put him in his new cage that he was going to love it (I mean, I love it!!!) but seeing him being so upset by the move makes me feel bad...but leaving him in a small cage his whole life would make me feel bad as well so hopefully he'll get used to his new...
  10. JMBNRC

    Moved my chameleon to a new cage...HELP!

    Thanks for the advice...We'll definitely try taking the temps to be sure because the new cage is also in a different room than the told cage was.
  11. JMBNRC

    Moved my chameleon to a new cage...HELP!

    The old cage was one of the 38-gallon reptariums you can get at any pet store. The new cage is 4 feet tall and 3 feet wide on each side. So yes, it's a big change. Like I said, he's moving around more today than he has since we put him in there, but still not his normal self. I'm pretty sure too...
  12. JMBNRC

    Just Curious...Does everyone see their cham drink?

    I used to wonder the same thing... But not I see my chameleon drink all the time. When I mist him he stands directly in the mist and opens his mouth over and over to drink the water. He also drinks off the leaves. I didn't used to see him do this and it freaked me out because I thought he...
  13. JMBNRC

    Moved my chameleon to a new cage...HELP!

    Hi guys! My boyfriend & I have had our chameleon for about 7 months now. He was 3 months old when we got him and he grew to be a happy, healthy chameleon. Since we got him he has been in the same cage and as he grew we realized it was time to upgrade so he would have enough room. We had a cage...
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