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    UK silkworms

    I've bought from there before and ive had the same happen to me. I found that as soon as I got them if I gave them fresh chow in a new clean container they were a lot healthier, ate and grew quickly.
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    Ovary re growth??

    Thanks for the reply. I understand and I'm not blaming the vet at ll I'm just curious, could it have happened in this space if time?
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    Ovary re growth??

    Hey guys around 6 months ago my female had to have her girly bits removed due to egg forming related illness. However she's just started showing so rather pretty colours especially turquoise and blue the vet said there a slim to none chance that she'd regrow her bits but her tummies sagging a...
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    Veiled Chameleon growth chart

    I asked this a while ago and had a small response but... I can't remember the name of the member but they past on the records of their male and female yemen to me and they both lived happy "average" long lives. I don't know how to post links to feed but if you can find it through my profile it's...
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    Are these edible?

    agreed they have become common in the UK taking over hedge rows by my dads apparently they are nasty little buggers causing inflation and pain if the hair get in you. kill them all
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    find him in odd places.

    what are the temps in the viv they may be to hot
  7. the lords and ladies

    the lords and ladies

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    Yet another likely silly question

    As its a repti breeze it's hard but try putting a tarporpine across the back panel to increase the hymidity. Live umbrella plant I find hold the humidity most, also try warm water misting, how this helps Oh also try putting them on a plant/vine in the bathroom when you have a shower so he...
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    Metabolic Bone Disease? (Trying to rescue)

    What's her basking tempreture and supplement regime?
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    Cricket alternative ?

    I used to use crickets but the smell just drove me insane I'm currently using 5th and adult locusts and silkworms. I tried dubais but my 2 weren't interested
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    Please help me

    Welcome to the forum, How long you had him? Veiled aren't renowned to be friendly it's really luck of the draw my males friendly and willingly jumps onto my hand but my female would bite it off. It takes time and baby steps he needs to learn to trust you, try starting to hand feed him...
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    Is it ok to feed only crickets to your chameleon???

    I found my 2 got bored quite quickly of just one feeder. I try to mix it up, I currently have crickets, hoppers and silkworms going at the moment.
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    Meller's opportunity

    thanks guys ill check it out
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    Meller's opportunity

    Hey guys I've had the chance to get my hands on a mellers. They have fascinated me due to their looks and size but due to the lack of them around I've not done any research. Can people with them share any general info about them. Eg Size? Humidity? Viv size? Life span Everything and...
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    Chameleon dropping is it still dehydrated?

    the fact that he is eating and drinking sounds positive. sometime my veiled will poo a slimy one. the very tip of the photo has a white part so I'm sure it will progress as he drinks more. the 24 hour trip was surely a stressful one and he needs to settle in. another scenario is that they may...
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    Chameleon Won't EAT

    the stress of moving for chameleons is massive and they have a lot of new things to take in. 2 days isn't to concerning he need to get used to it. my female didn't eat for a week when I got her. just give them time
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    So I went to petsmart today and saw something very sad...:[

    this may sound rather un-knowing of me to say this but the amount of complaints photos and evidence on this forum alone could a case not be put together to stop the cruelty and poor treatment. I know its easy for me to say being here in the uk but could this chain store not be challenged??
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    Do chams smell?

    My two's poo smell like something's died and I had a fecal on them both 2 weeks ago and they were clear of parasites, On the subject of whether they can smell I think they can, my male is well aware that there is a female in the same room, he can't see her but has seen her, he knows if she's...
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    help!!!!!!!!!!!!!any input would be appreciated

    Oh and provide a laying bucket for your female. I don't have the link but there is an awesome video to help with that I'm sure someone will chip on with info and the link
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