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  1. Lukie Pookie

    Meet Kecleon my new Veiled

    really dig the name: #352 Kecleon It can freely change its body's color. The zigzag pattern on its belly doesn't change, however.
  2. Lukie Pookie

    Chameleon Won't Shoot his Tongue and has Bad Aim

    Thank you. That seem to be the consensus from what I have read. Should the breeder take him back and give us another? I forgot to mention the breeder advertised that they have a health guarantee.
  3. Lukie Pookie

    Chameleon Won't Shoot his Tongue and has Bad Aim

    Chameleon Info: Your Chameleon - Furcifer pardalis male 7 months Handling - Only handled when purchased to view the chameleon and one time he came out of the enclosure while I was misting and I had to put him back inside. Feeding - I feed my chameleon 10 crickets everyday and give him...
  4. Lukie Pookie

    Terrance The Nosy Mitsio

    His eye turrets look great!! I can't wait to watch him grow :D
  5. Lukie Pookie

    My panther cham has black bars all the time

    As the other poster said, maybe your chameleon is trying to get warmer as turning darker colours helps them absorb heat. As you said though, your cham is still afraid of you. Maybe your chameleon just needs a little more time to settle in to its new habitat as switching owners and enclosures...
  6. Lukie Pookie

    Something interesting about adult panther chameleon ~

    Has anything changed with the husbandry? Maybe he is getting too hot in his enclosure and his attempting to reflect the heat by turning a lighter colour. I remember reading about a chameleon turning white on another thread. The chameleon was just too warm and was trying to keep cooler. Maybe you...
  7. Lukie Pookie

    Carpet chameleon habitat

    I know its been a while but could we get an update on this thread?
  8. Lukie Pookie

    Panther Chameleon died today after throwing up

    Chameleon Info: Your Chameleon - Male ambilobe chameleon, 6 months old bought from a breeder back in April. Been in only my care since then. Handling - I used to handle my chameleon every 3-4 days but since I put him in his 24x24x48 I haven't held him Feeding - I feed my chameleon large...
  9. Lukie Pookie

    Furcifer campani

    These chameleons are beautiful. I have been dying to ask this question though, what is the difference between carpets and jewelled chameleons if any?
  10. Lukie Pookie

    He's Here!! Deli Cup Photo! No bag...

    Wow. You can even see his colours through the deli cup. He is going to be beautiful.
  11. Lukie Pookie

    Cooper (Baby Parsonii) 6 Month Photos

    For some reason I think Parson's remind me of elephants
  12. Lukie Pookie


    Thanks. Ill try to get some pics of this up soon, maybe a video of him in the act of trying to shoot at something. Although, I don't know if making him shoot his tongue is a good idea.
  13. Lukie Pookie


    Chameleon Info: Your Chameleon - Blue bar ambilobe chameleon is approximately 5 months old and male. Been in my care since april 2013. Handling - I handle him every day after school to feed him a second round of crickets. Feeding - I feed my chameleon crickets as a "staple". I feed him 20...
  14. Lukie Pookie


    Hi, this seems to be my first problem with this chameleon and hopefully it is the last. Today after I got home from school to go check on my chameleon. Usually, I get home around 2:30 and I try to feed my chameleon 6 or 7 more crickets, but something was different today. After about 2 crickets...
  15. Lukie Pookie

    He's here!!!

    Charger. Seems like an extremely fitting name. Beautiful chameleon.
  16. Lukie Pookie

    Not sure if she's pregnant!

    This is definitely no piece of advice but your chameleon is beautiful
  17. Lukie Pookie

    Update on the little Hulk

    Finally found the time to get some pictures of my little poser here, Bruce Banner :D IMG_2783 by lukedeleon, on Flickr IMG_2787 by lukedeleon, on Flickr IMG_2789 by lukedeleon, on Flickr IMG_2792 by lukedeleon, on Flickr IMG_2794 by lukedeleon, on Flickr IMG_2797 by...
  18. Lukie Pookie

    Naboo update! [Pictures]

    Did you by any chance pick up Naboo from an ad on Kijij?
  19. Lukie Pookie

    First actual problem that concerns me. Please help.

    Wax worms also do not have any nutritional value so you should also try to vary his diet in other ways :)
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