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  1. PamsChams

    Oorana Mena pics

    I have 2 clutches so far from mine still in egg. How long is your male V TO S . We that have them need to keep in contact to do breeding projects in the future. Have you seen my male?
  2. PamsChams

    Oorana Mena pics

    Who told you that they get whiter with age? And Do you know if they are WC of CB I am interested to know who all has them right now. Thanks!
  3. PamsChams

    this may sound a bit morbid....

    I have tried to save chameleons for art work also and found a nice ant hill will take them down to the bone but as for the skin I have had no luck.
  4. PamsChams

    baby ankaramy???

    I feel they are pure and a little blue on the body is fine at this age. I have seen blue turn into red several times so I am sure it can turn to pink just as well. They can also have dark barring till they get older.
  5. PamsChams


    You can only dust a silkworm before feeding it to your cham not gutload. As said the food it eats is already healthy.
  6. PamsChams

    baby ankaramy???

    OK play nice. I sold a 2 month old pink to a customer of mine as a favor. The dad was a drop dead awesome WC male. The female came from the wild as well. They were both purchased from a very good friend of mine and we are as sure as it can get that it is pure untill they are grown I will not say...
  7. PamsChams

    Mulberry Farms silkworm "problem"

    The eggs I sell are from China. That is where all the eggs sold in the US come from to the best of my knowledge. Their are only 2 of us that import into the U.S. as far as I know. But I have found another country that I buy eggs from that I use for the business to grow the worms I sell. They...
  8. PamsChams

    Mulberry Farms silkworm "problem"

    Hey Heika, I am selling a new strain of worms now to the public that no one else has in the US the worms are very healthy. Try going to and give them a try
  9. PamsChams

    Help! Black chameleon!

    If you give her more heat in a terrarium you might cook her. I would put her in a open plastic tub if she is to small for a cage. She might be seeing her reflection in the glass and think it is anothre cham and that could be makeing her mad. Chams will also go dark when absorbing heat but...
  10. PamsChams

    pink panther

    Go look at under breeders and look at Inspector Closeau He has babys ready for sale soon!
  11. PamsChams

    ankaramy pics

    I have mine posted on my web site under breeders. And he has babys that are getting ready for sale!
  12. PamsChams

    chameleon food??

    Have you tried superworms. My chams love them. And I would keep trying silkworms for their nutritional value.
  13. PamsChams

    yet another newbie silkworm question

    They will be fine. If you want to keep them in the fridge and hatch them out at a later time you should order a cold pack, That works the best.
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  16. My breeder

    My breeder

  17. 'NUBULA'  a breeder of mine

    'NUBULA' a breeder of mine

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  19. PamsChams


    Well I have over 20,000 worms I am looking at right now and I must say that I have never seen anything like that. if you need worms just check out maybe ther are cocoons?
  20. PamsChams

    New skin for Mr. Grumpy Pants!

    Nice looking boy!
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