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  1. omiga13

    June '07 Photo Contest

    Senegal Just to prove that they are beautiful too!!!:)
  2. omiga13

    LOCATION..please read!

    Panama , Rep. Panama


    Eddie Lova
  4. plants in my viv

    plants in my viv



  6. Senegal


  7. IMG_6334


  8. IMG_6312


  9. Senegal Viv

    Senegal Viv

  10. My Senegal

    My Senegal

    This's my Beauty Female Sengal , i know that some of you thing that Senegal are plain, but i dont! Here you are pics of this great cham
  11. My viv

    My viv

    3 feet tall 2 wide
  12. omiga13

    Looking for feedback

    yeah, Im with Jordan post... they look a bite different but it hard to assure cause the pic angel:(
  13. omiga13

    Breeze effect

    yeah i will try to do that to mine
  14. omiga13


    hahah yeah , lots of potential food in those pic!!! can you mail me some of them...
  15. omiga13

    Some new baby pics....Cristatus and Fischers

    Heiii They Look Awesome!
  16. omiga13

    Mellori profile

    good atittute in that pic! look awesome!
  17. omiga13

    Doin the splits

    hahahah that pic is awesome! definently can win!!!
  18. omiga13

    Too many sick chams!

    all the pics are beautiful!!! I ll try to post some picsss
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