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  1. curtis

    First parsonii of the year

    Congrats Garrett!
  2. curtis

    COME ON EVERYONE! Show us what you got

    parsonii We will be trying this coming year to breed them! We have 3 adult females and two adult males and 10 that will be ready next year if all is well. We would like to have 20 in total before we are done. We just sold a young pair that I hated to let go of but need more room for the adults...
  3. curtis

    COME ON EVERYONE! Show us what you got

    Parsonii cages A few cages for the parsonii.
  4. curtis

    Updated Parsonii Pics

    Thanks everyone for the kind words. Each pic is of a different chameleon and they range from 1-5 years old. We have more than I have fingers and we are working hard on breeding them, but only time will tell if we can make it happen. Getting eggs is one thing, but hatching them is something else...
  5. curtis

    Updated Parsonii Pics

    Thought I would share a few pics of some Parsonii with everyone. Hope you enjoy! Curtis
  6. curtis

    any parson owners?

    Parsonii can be harder than the panther or veiled chameleon, but not as hard as one would think. The biggest thing they need is your time to make sure everything is correct at all times such as temps, humidity,caging, and what's put in the cages. They need large cages, high humidity and a lot of...
  7. curtis

    Looking for a new Cham?

    I don't know if she is cb or not, all I know is she was sold to me as cb. There are no marks on her, she had no parisites when she arrived, and thats all I know. As far as her her being legal, yes she is legal. Me saying not to harrass was me just wanting to sell or not sell my girl in peace. I...
  8. curtis

    Looking for a new Cham?

    I'll wait untill later tonight to post my responce as I want everyone that has anything to say to post first so we don't keep going back and forth. Curtis
  9. curtis

    Looking for a new Cham?

    OK guys...I don't get involed in things like this but since your talking about me I feel I must. First off I'm not your everyday chameleon keeper. I have been working with chameleons for over 10 years and I think I know what I'm doing. Not to say I'm not always learning more everyday just like...
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  16. Little Girl

    Little Girl

    Little Girl was in really bad shape when I got her from underground reptiles. With the help from my freind and vet Scott Stahl she is doing great!
  17. Member Album by curtis

    Member Album by curtis

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