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  1. AwpsAhoy

    Veiled keeps trying to eat soil/perlite???

    Veiled chams are notorious for eating dirt from what I have read....Maybe cover up the dirt better with more stones so that he cant move them to get to it also. Maybe someone more experienced can answer better but maybe it is a supplementation problem?
  2. AwpsAhoy

    3rd one this week please help baby vielled

    eyes definitely look a bit sunken....are you using a dripper? My veiled will not drink from his dripper if i am watching...maybe give it a good misting with warm water (not too hot). Please fill out the how to form that little leaf has provided so that the community can better help!
  3. AwpsAhoy

    Veiled Headshots & Close ups !!

    Bruce around 4 months i think?
  4. AwpsAhoy

    Banana Tree?

    Is it safe to use a banana tree in my enclosure? I cant find anything that says they are toxic to chams.....I know they can eat bananas but I am not sure about the plant itself. The huge leaves would be amazing for water to collect on!
  5. Bruce Lee

    Bruce Lee

    Growth and progress of a male yemen chameleon age 1-4 months.
  6. AwpsAhoy

    Sneaky Chameleons

    Bruce is always watching me.....its kind of creepy sometimes haha. I would love to see how everyones chams act when they think they are being sneaky! Feel free to share your cham in the act :).
  7. AwpsAhoy

    Show me your veileds!! :)

    Posted this earlier..but this is Bruce showing a bit of color at 4 months :). I adopted him as my first cham from a small pet store about 3 months ago so Ill never know what his colors will be until he grows! In my opinion each shed is the most fun part to watch as they grow! He recently started...
  8. AwpsAhoy

    She really loves her egg.

    That is too funny! What a great mom haha.
  9. AwpsAhoy

    Shower Rail Chillin'

    It has become his morning ritual to sit up there haha. I usually hang a fake pothos on the rail and he will venture onto it to sit in the warm mist!
  10. AwpsAhoy

    Shower Rail Chillin'

    Bruce loves to sit on the rail of my shower curtain during warm showers :)
  11. AwpsAhoy

    Shaky Veiled

    I believe shaking (tremors) are a sign of MBD also. Best not to jump to that though...maybe someone more experienced can better add. It may be a supplementation problem?
  12. AwpsAhoy

    new veiled attitude?

    I agree with chef, give him some time to warm up to his surroundings. Take the handling slow and easy and try not to stress him about it. My veiled hisses and snaps at me on occasion when I reach for him, but as soon as he is out he is very relaxed :). The bite wont hurt now, but from what I...
  13. AwpsAhoy

    Help! He ate a grasshopper!! Did it look like this? Grasshoppers are known to carry parasites and in most residential areas they are sprayed with pesticides because they are considered pests in the US.
  14. AwpsAhoy

    Bruce 1-4 months

    Just thought I would share a couple pictures of Bruce in the first few months of his life :) Photos taken from Iphone so quality is not the best. He is my first ever cham and I have enjoyed every day with him in my home! He is starting to show a bit of yellow in his stripes on his sides and tail...
  15. AwpsAhoy

    Chirping crickets at night

    I usually feed my cham in the morning, so by the end of the day there isnt any left ;). Also I think temperature has something to do with chirping. What type of cham do you have in the cage? If the crickets are not warm enough they wont chirp (might wanna google this to be sure). Also you could...
  16. AwpsAhoy

    Hasnt eaten in days and getting worried

    It is important to keep a good variety of feeders handy for him. They will often go on "hunger strikes" if they get bored of the same food every day! Also, has he shed recently? My veiled gets a little touchy around his shed time. If there is poop, then he is still eating the crickets probably...
  17. AwpsAhoy

    Chameleon Breeding

    First off, I am not planning to breed any chams as of now, as I am still fairly new to the hobby :). I am also not trying to make a quick buck! My question is ...when a clutch is laid, what do breeders do with their excess chams? Surely not everyone who has breed has sold? I would love to...
  18. AwpsAhoy

    Chameleon Art

    That would make a great bumper sticker :) Looks awesome!
  19. AwpsAhoy

    Chameleon Purr?

    Very interesting to me that both the male and female are known to do it. I may have misunderstood, but it sounds like you can get the purr from "direct touch"...i just imagined a giant chameleon sitting on my lap like a cat purring haha.
  20. AwpsAhoy

    Chameleon Purr?

    I think he is right. In the book it says the vibrations can travel a long ways and through many obstacles. Maybe its a way to look for a mate? I feel like in the wild this would give away their position if it is so easily felt.
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