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    baby wont eat!!!

    My Veiled LOVES Dandelion Leaves and collard greens, he will also some times take strawberries, and bannanas. but he is especially addicted to dandelion leaves. I get them at any of my grocery stores here in California. Some times rarely he will eat snow pea pods and shredded carrot. but usually...
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    Veiled or Panther? etc NOOB

    its a good thing chameleons dont have ears... maybe your bass is too loud? :D
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    Critique My Cage

    unfortunately it is not only about theflower being toxic as the leaves can be as well. Chams will and do eat leaves when they feel the desire to. check on google or in these forums for safe plants for chameleons. home depot and lowes sells them quite frequently. also do not forget to wash the...
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    Spider chameleon :)

    My Veiled is a jumper too. and he also falls from the mesh sometimes in his home. seems to be ok. being arboreal I am sure nature has this in mind in their design. I could imagine in the wild sometimes they fall from GREAT heights. also see here a Jacksons that believes he is superman...
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    5 month old veil to skinny ?

    also you might want to consider getting alot more foliage especially live trees and vines for him. cant really tell but looks a tad sparse in there.
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    5 month old veil to skinny ?

    Looking good actually. Great in fact. I am especially glad to see no signs of MBD. Keep up the good work. dont forget to offer, Dandelion Leaves, Collard Greens, Baby Bok Choy, Strawberries, Banannas also as Veilds love them. Just chop them up real small and put them into a feeder cup. I wrapped...
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    Traveling Chameleon?

    I have these... I have one small and one large. the small one is for hanging from the hanger hook in the car and the large is for when I get to my destination. I have a ceramic heat bulb and a little Dome lamp for the large one and keep my...
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    name suggestion for my baby male veiled ?

    wasn't trying to be a jerk or anything ;) hope it didn't come accross that way.:)
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    Our new Cham MEGA mansion :)

    well it is not lining up once I save the post but the Vs all line up like ropes going upward and the stars were clamps ;-):D
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    Our new Cham MEGA mansion :)

    You could add metal Clamps to sections of the ropethat clamp tightly into the rope at ever two feet or so with a bit of string or rope attached to each side anchored to the ceiling of the cage in a V patter so it would lok something like this \ /...
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    Should I dust Hornworms?

    Also since no one else mentioned this, if your friend GAVE them to you, are they from your friends garden? if so then they may be tomatoe horn worms and those are posionus last I read.
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    name suggestion for my baby male veiled ?

    Odin is Norse not Greek, fyi.
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    Just got a baby veiled and her biting has become increasingly worse, what do I do?!

    Another HUGE great thing to do is do not have your finger spread open when sticking your hand in the cage. Keep your hand Flat and fingers close together like an open palm asking for money. My Male Veiled only gets angry and snappy if you fist in or have your hand open like you are going to grab...
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    name suggestion for my baby male veiled ?

    DOLUS : Greek God of Trickery & Guile Frodo Bilbo Zim
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    Veiled Eating Pothos

    My Veiled has become quite the vegitarian as of lately. He Loves his Pothos, Collard Greens, and Dandelion Leaves (especially Dandelion) some times they just prefer it. He should be ok.
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    Dandilion leaves

    I know my Veiled LOVES dandelion Leaves I get from the local organic store. In fact he prefers them now to crickets. make sure to dust them lightly for extra nutrition. He also likes Collard Greens. and make sure to wash any plant material really good, especially if picked from outside.
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    Gir is being fiesty today ;-)

    And this was his new big boy upgrade ;-)
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    Gir is being fiesty today ;-)

    I believe he is about a little over a year now. only because I am not 100% sure how old he was when I got him. I will post some pics of him over the year I have had him.
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    Gir is being fiesty today ;-)

    Thanks guys! He is funny he has bonded to only me and hates my kids. that is why he was huffing up, my boy noticed how colorful he was today and ran up to his enclosure. LOL. His mom snapped this with an iphone so not the best quality. He is my fourth favorite child ;-):D
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