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  1. Houdinithevelied

    New Enclosures!!

    Im jealous! I need to upgrade mine. You did a really good job!
  2. Houdinithevelied

    Dark Spot Just Below Mouth on Panther

    it looks like she hit her chin on something, My Veiled had a bruise like that once but it went away.. Maybe try calling a vet? Good luck
  3. Houdinithevelied

    What are your chameleons names?

    I have a male veiled named "Houdini"
  4. Houdinithevelied

    Cause of Death

    I dont know what to tell you but I am sorry for your loss!
  5. Houdinithevelied


    Thats crazy. Wouldnt the beak hurt the Cham?
  6. Houdinithevelied


    thanks for advice guys.
  7. Houdinithevelied


    Right now he just eats Crickets and worms and I was going to introduce new food to him. Is it ok to feed them Pinky mice?
  8. Houdinithevelied

    Left with no words..

    I am sorry for your loss. You did all you could. Are you going to get another Chameleon soon?
  9. Houdinithevelied


    What else can I feed my veiled chameleon? Other then bugsand worms? He is 7 months old..
  10. Houdinithevelied

    My female Veiled has a soft casque

    Glad she is doing better. It can be stressful taking care of a Chameleon. Keep up your good work. :)
  11. Houdinithevelied


    Thank you. My Cham has a uvb light.. I need to buy a 5.0 right now he has a 2.0 And he has a heat lamp and a Infared for night
  12. Houdinithevelied


    How many lights and what kind should a veiled Chameleon have?
  13. Houdinithevelied

    misting system help

    I have a Mist'r lizard i got at petsmart for 20 dollars. It also works as a dripper/Sprayer. I like it.
  14. Houdinithevelied

    a boy seduced by a woman!

    Nice. I bet your Cham is one happy man!
  15. Houdinithevelied

    Cham letting out a little sigh noise

    I had a female veiled that would scream. It was weird..
  16. Houdinithevelied

    Something isn't right.....

    I am sorry for your loss. You did the best you could knowing what you did. I lost a Cham before i got my male and it Sucks! Mine died of a respitory infection. I didnt even know she had it because the vets didnt check. I took her in like 5 times. I hope your next Cham is healthy and Happy!
  17. Houdinithevelied

    chameleon food

    Hey thanks. I am going to start ordering my worms and stuff from them!
  18. Houdinithevelied

    Funny but a lil worried

    I use a black measuring cup. My Cham really likes the black for some reason and half the time he will only eat worms if they are in the cup instead of free range.
  19. Houdinithevelied

    Mouth Rot ~Update~

    I have learned so much from this site. Thanks to all you Cham genius's out there!
  20. Houdinithevelied

    Mouth Rot ~Update~

    Thank you to all those that gave me advice. My Cham is on a new round of antibiotics (sp?) I flipped his cage, So its tall and not long. I bought him a new UVB light and Heat lamp. Introduced flies and worms. Bought a mister/Dripper. He has started eating on his own and his mouth is showing...
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