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    Pygmy attack!...and Crazy Great dane Pup!

    freeze frame! looks like the doggie was shakin and bakin!
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    some pics of my girl = )

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    Baby Jacson's subspecies

    the females have horns bu really small. hardly noticeable, but they are there. If your Jacksons are the "Hawaii sub species" then they are males. those horns are way too large for a female at that age.
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    what can this mean??

    maybe the male is booting her out of his territory. its best to keep male and female separate I believe. my jacksons really despise each other.
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    My New "Big-Boy" Cage!! :)

    awsome! nice!
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    my new boy "Turbo" and my girl

    My boy... My girl...
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    new chameleon!

    "Kawaii"? nihonjin desuka?
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    new chameleon!

    haha i almost spit out my drink
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    new chameleon!

    ok so i did a little online hunting for where my gift came from and here is a link i came up with!:D keep in mind the video is on look so it doesn't constantly move and make noise.
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    new chameleon!

    lookie what i got for a late birthday present! the chameleon plugs into any computer USB port and randomly moves its eyes in circles and sticks out its tongue a few times every so often! !
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    So Mad!!!

    So very true...
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    So Mad!!!

    I wanted to post this the other week and vent but I've been so busy... So I went to France for about two weeks and a friend of the family was taking care of my Birtha (female Jackson) When I come home, I see my poor girl very dehydrated, black and very unhappy. I took care of her right away...
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    The Veiled Chameleon: an alien invader

    I know it's a big no no everyone. I was just joking and doing wishful thinking hence the ":p "
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    The Veiled Chameleon: an alien invader

    There are Veilds on maui????!!! yesss!!! imma fly on a plane and go hunting for some this weekend!!!! (thats the only way i can have a veiled in hawaii) muahahaha :p
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    Murph the wormslayer!!

    Modern Pets is on the back side of WalMart in town.
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    Murph the wormslayer!!

    Haha fantastic! Which store did you get him from?:) There was one male I wanted to save from Modern Pets but I already have 3 chams :(
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    Problems raising crickets

    I use oats for bedding, romain lettuce for food, egg carton cuts for shelter, and gut load cricket drink for water in a feeing dish. I chage the oats and gutload out once a week.
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    Fractal's "Guickening" & escape

    yay! congrats!!! fatten him up and dont let him out of your sight again!:D
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    New photos over the weekend (dialup warning)...

    awsome!! what kind of cham is the second one?? gorgeous!
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